Vol.4 No.1 Jan.7, 1970 Grace Potts, Editor

Mr. Giannetti and Mr. Palmer met with the staff Monday morning on their first official visit to the station since Johns Communications, Inc. took over WKNR. Knorr Broadcasting Corporation is now a division of Johns Communications, Inc. Both men then met with department heads and others through Tuesday for the purpose of prescribing their plans and policies for the new and greater Keener.

Anniversaries of Keenerites: Barbara Williams, January 17, 1967! Dick Buller, January 23, 1947; and Judi Ponds, January 27, 1969.

Phil Nye will never learn not to make bets with Carole Wiedeman. She 'took' him again when he picked Michigan to win the Rose Bowl game. This is three times, now, isn't it, Phil?

December 31 was Don Niska's birthday and he got the birthday cake 'treatment' from the gang. December 29 was Jerry Martin's birthday. Did you know it was on that day in 1946 that Jerry threw the switch that put WKMH on the air?

Promotional spots will begin today to announce a new contest. WKNR, in conjunction with Model Products Corporation, 'will stage a model car contest at Autorama at Cobo Ball January 23 - 25. Entry blanks and contest rules can be obtained from the station during business hours and are also available wherever model kits are sold in the Detroit area.

Don Burns was on vacation between Christmas and New Year's and spent the time skiing in the Gaylord area, and Pon O'Connor has been vacationing in Florida.

Gary Sullivan is limping around the station because of too-strenuous activity in playing basketball resulting in torn ligaments in his leg.

Van Patrick has a new secretary. She's Janis Pierce, a former Miss Torchy.

The "big feud" confrontation between Mark Allen and Sean Conrad took place this morning between 7:00 and 8:00 o'clock. A 'return match' is scheduled for this afternoon on Sean's show.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, January 11, 1970 is "Cancer: A Search for a Cure."

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