Vol.3 No.49 Dec.31, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Now that all the excitement and preparation for Christmas has passed, we can all look forward to New Year's, and more winter weather, and January and all those bills for things which the available cash couldn't cover! So Happy! Happy!

Inasmuch as we didn't publish last Wednesday, we'll try to bring you up-to-date on things which have happened over the two-week period.

A couple of our 'family' traveled some distance for the big holiday. Mary Allan went to Florida to be with her parents, and Alice Williams flew to Montreal. Her return to Detroit was delayed one day because she was snowed in.

Paul Cannon did such a good job playing Santa for the Kiwanis Club on December 9 that he was asked to do it again on December 16 for the tiny handicapped kids at Lowrey High School.

Our belated congratulations to Ann Mitchell who celebrated her 19th wedding anniversary on December 23. That same day your editor celebrated the first anniversary of the acquisition of her house. 29 years to go and it'! all mine! That same day was the season's biggest snow storm. (Just for the record, how did you like the 5 or 6 inches of the stuff you plowed through this morning!)

Have you noticed the sartorial splendor of some of the male members of our' organization lately? There are more double breasted suits showing up and Keener is really 'in' with the new look.

According to a newspaper article posted on the bulletin board recently, former Keenerite Tom Sankovic is now head basketball coach at St. Agatha's High School.

The basketball 'exhibition' game between the Keener Kagers and the Harlem Globetrotters was a terrific success. It was the largest crowd ever assembled at Olympia to see the Globetrotters - 14,060 people - standing room only. Promotion for this game was made only on WKNR. When the $500.00 check, presented to WKNR for their participation, was received, it was immediately passed on to a representative of the Boys' Clubs. They, in turn, presented to our players a consolation kit consisting of such items as Sloan's liniment, pain killers, etc. Incidentally, the score at the end of the game was 6-4 in our favor - (we don't say "we won," you notice.)

'The Company was highly pleased with the J&M talents' production of Dickens' "Christmas Carol." It was heard three times over the holiday and also received rave reviews from many listeners who called in. Their expressions were of surprise and being impressed by the straight forward presentation.

Those Christmas and New Year's greetings you've been hearing on WKNR are the staff personnel - we were all 'talent' for about 10 seconds.

PROJECT DETROIT subject for Sunday, January 4, 1970 is "Forecast - 1970." Four representatives of the auto industry, banking, retailing services and construction look at the economic aspects of the new year.


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