Vol.3 No.47 Dec.10 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

The long wait is over and all of you should know by now that the FCC has approved the sale of WKNR to Johns Communications. The buyers will officially assume ownership of the station on Monday, December 15.

On Monday, December 8, Mrs. Knorr celebrated her birthday. It would appear thzt the FCC held off their approval to make her day a little happier. She was also put to work on that day cutting the big cake presented to her in celebration of the event. For those who didn't see it, the cake was decorated with the following words:

"Happy Birthday to Mrs. Knorr from the FCC, Dean Burch, Chairman!"

This year's WKNR Christmas card will be one of our most unique. At our request, the Boys' Clubs of Detroit were invited to compete in a project of drawing original Christmas cards, the theme of which was "What Christmas Means to Me." The boys put their thoughts on paper, with drawings, etc. 200 boys participated from the inner city club on West Grand Blvd. Four of their best efforts were chosen by us and have been reproduced in color on a fourfold card. 1700 of them will be sent to agencies, clients and VIP's.

Paul Cannon advises us that a tape of the show in which he and Russ Gibb participated in California in connection with the Paul McCartney story will be sho!1 on Channel 9 on December 20 at 7:00 PM.

Keener December Anniversaries: Jerry Martin, December 1, 1946, and Kathy Diefenbach, December 7, 1967.

The Keener Christmas Party will be different this year. It will be a festive luncheon at noon on Decenfuer 24 (for staff only) in the Private Dining Room of the Chambertin. Refreshments, lunch and the afternoon off for 9ao); of the regular crew. More about this in a memo later - but keep the date!

Ron Sherwood recently moved to Grosse lIe and as a member of that community was asked to speak before the local JayCees. They liked his talk so well, they invited him to become a member.

Kathy Diefenbach is on vacation for three days this week, just relaxing, getting up late, and trying to get in a few good licks at Christmas shopping.

As a part of his activities as a member of the Kiwanis Club of Dearborn, Paul Cannon played Santa Claus to a group of handicapped kids from the Lowrey School on Tuesday, December 9 at the Dearborn Youth Center.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, December 14, 1969 is "Educating the Underprivileged" - a report on the work of one man, Noah Brown, and his successful efforts to enroll underprivileged youngsters in Wayne State University.

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