Vol.3 No. 46 Dec.3, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Now that Turkey Time has passed, it's CHARGE into Christmas! o... in more ways than one. All our sleuthing brings out only one item in regard to Thanksgiving involving our people _ Mary Keem traveled to Nashville, Tennessee for the holiday to partake of 'southern fried turkey '

Two of our guys eligible for service in the armed forces fared quite well in Monday night's draft lottery. Don Burns was #235, and Gary Sullivan was #251. For a large consideration, your editor will swap her" position in the lottery with someone not
so fortunate - June 8 - #366.

Speaking of servicemen, former KeeNeRite Tom Lamb was a visitor to the station on Tuesday, December 2, while on leave and awaiting orders for relocation. And Gary Kolasa, now in Japan, wrote to your editor this past week advising that he applied for a position with the Armed Forces Radio Station. His audition was accepted and he expects momentarily to be sent to Tokyo where he will be a DJ and/or newsman for the American language station serving the fighting forces in the Far East.

An addition to our Did You Know Department..

Did you know that Judy Ponds was Miss Elyria (Ohio) in the 1964 Miss Universe beauty pageant?

Keener has just concluded its Anti-Cigarette Smoking Campaign in cooperation with the American Cancer Society. The program, which began on November 4, invited listeners to telephone the station and tape record public service announcements on why they quit smoking or had not begun smoking. The announcements were recorded between 4:00 and 4:30 every afternoon. Five to ten of the best announcements were used every day. More than 100 Peter Max posters were mailed to those whose voices were used.

The third annual competition between the Harlem Globetrotters and Keener DJ's will be held on Saturday, December 27. The proceeds received by WKNR in this fund raising event will go to the Boys' Clubs of Metropolitan Detroit.

Gary Granger and Tom Neal appeared this morning at Garden City High School in connection with their Career Day program.

The American Wool Council recently held a competition for those who like to sew. Dick Buller's daughter Debbie entered the Senior Division (17 - 21 year olds) for the local six-county judging and last Saturday was advised that she had placed second with her entry of a wool coat.

Frank Maruca is President of the Sacred Heart Grade School Parent Teacher Guild. On December 3, a program will be held for parents on the danger of the drug problem among teenagers and its effect on both students and parents. A tape recording of this program, featuring Judge Joseph A. Sullivan, Charles Petrie, a detective and leader in the fight against drugs, interviews made by Russ Gibb of a narcotics pusher and two brothers who use marijuana, will be made and will be part of a Project Detroit program some time in December.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, December 7, 1969 is "The Meaning of the Election.1I Defeated Mayoral candidate Richard Austin assesses the recent municipal election with a view toward his personal political future.

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