Vol.3 No.45 Nov.26, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Not much news to report this week. Everybody's getting ready for the BIG FOOD DAY.

Mr. and Mrs. Patterson were among the Dearbornites who attended the formal dedication ceremonies for the new Henry Ford Library on Tuesday, November 25. Of course, WKNR News was there in person of Phil Nye.

Tuesday was also the birthday of two of the Keener Kids, Jack Davidson and Ann Mitchell. Jack was surprised by the gang when he walked into the lounge about 11:00 o'clock. He was even a good sport about cutting a few slices of his cake to pass around. Annie received similar treatment in the afternoon.

Never underestimate the intuition of a woman. Carole Wiedeman bet Phil Nye $5.00 that Michigan would beat Phil's Alma Mater Ohio state (everybody thought it was an impossible chance she was taking) but you all know who won and who now has an extra $5.00! This is twice she's done this to you, isn't it, Phil?

Ron Sherwood's talk show on Channel 62 makes its debut this coming Saturday night at 8:30.

Paul Cannon went to Crestwood High School in Dearborn Heights on Monday, November 24, to speak before an all-boys group known as the Kiwanis Key Club.

WKNR, in association with Triangle Theatrical Productions, will present Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young at Masonic Auditorium on December 14th at 7:30 PM.

Promotion for our new "Merry Christmas" contest started last Friday. Listeners send in a postcard on which is listed the name, address and telephone number of someone to whom the sender wants WKNR to wish a Merry Christmas. Names are selected at random and the person to whom a Merry Christmas is wished has 13 minutes to call the station and identify himself. He (or she) then receives a Panasonic pocket radio as a Christmas gift from Keener. Then. all listeners who submitted the original cards are eligible for a grand prize of a Philco portable color television set which will be awarded on December 23rd. The grand prize winner will be selected from a random drawing of all the entries.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, November 30, 1969 is "The Youth Rebellion: A View From Inside." Dr. J. Donald Phillips, President of Hillsdale College, refutes the generation gap and current campus dissents.

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