Vol.3 No.44 Nov.19, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

AS you all know, WKNR has won many honors in the news broadcasting field with factual reporting and complete coverage. In our continuing efforts in this regard, our News Director Phil Nye went to Washington, D.C. this past weekend to get first-hand knowledge of the peace demonstrations held in that city to give our listeners on the spot information. Incidentally, WKNR was the only radio station in the Detroit area to send a newsman to the scene.

Paul Hinchcliff is in charge of the Henry Ford Community College Buffalo Fund, a group whose purpose is to collect money for the purchase of a live buffalo from the U. S. Government, to be used as a mascot by the school. As of this writing, they have collected $3.76! This effort probably doesn't come under the heading of higher education but it would appear to be better than demonstrating.

As we have reported, Tom Neal is a hunter and last weekend he proved to be a pretty good one. He brought down a 10 point, 150 pound deer in the Upper Peninsula. He was hunting so far back in the woods that, with no snow on the ground, it took five hours to drag it out.

The Rolling Stones Concert, sponsored by WKNR in association with Russ Gibb and Associate, will be held this coming Monday, November 24th, at Olympia Stadium.

The staff expresses its sympathy to Mrs. Van Patrick whose father passed away over the weekend.

If you were planning to buy a fruit cake for the holidays, why not contact Paul Cannon. He's selling them for the Kiwanis Club. They're delicious - and the price (for a good cause!) is only $3.50.

John Small will be MC'ing a benefit show at St. Bede's Catholic Church on Friday, November 21.

In our paper of November 5, we advised that Dan Carlisle and John Small would be putting on a show at Jackson State Prison. As a follow-up to this story, John advises that
the warden of the prison sent in a thank-you letter informing John and Dan how much their efforts were appreciated.

It was so well received he asked if they could plan a similar performance again in December. The prison has its own radio station which the inmates listen to and John is now sending them tapes of interviews and music to diversify their programs. This was an interesting experience, to quote John, and he said he would be happy to do it again, but if you get a minute, ask him to tell you about being frisked getting in and out of the prison, the interest in music so many of the inmates have, the 18 piece prison band, and the many other items connected with this show that are too lengthy to mention here.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, November 23, 1969 is "The Peace Movement - Where do we go from here." An on-the-spot review of the weekend's activities in Washington and a look at the questionable future of such rallies.

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