Vol.3 No.43 Nov. 12, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Now that Halloween and Devil's Night are long past, how many of you still have bubble gum and candy to give away as your editor does?

The Paul McCartney story remains a national Subject and Paul Cannon and Russ Gibb helped keep up the interest when they accepted an invitation to fly to Los Angeles over the weekend to appear on a TV show on Station KHJ. The trials and tribulations of getting to and from the airports was almost as interesting as the show. Ask them about it.

In a long distance call received Monday, November 10, Carole Wiedeman learned that her son Jim, now stationed in California, will be leaving around the first of the year for a stay in England.

As part of the ceremonies commemorating Hillsdale College's 125th year of independence, certain alumni have been s1ngled out to receive awards. One of those honored will be Mrs. Knorr who will be given the "Alumni Quasquicentennial Award" on Friday, December for outstanding alumni.

In a wrap-up story on the Detroit Mayoral Election, the WKNR microphone (with call letters) is front and center in .this week's (November 14) edition of Newsweek Magazine. (Never-say-die Nye is striking for a cover picture!)

Van Patrick and Mickey appeared before a Pep Rally at Divine Child High School in Dearborn on Thursday, November 6 to help inspire the football team in the Catholic League championship game the next day. Their presence may have helped because Divine Child won the game for the third year in a row.

Here's our second item from our seldom-seen engineering crew. Dick Davis and his wife are members of a mixed bowling league and last Thursday their combined efforts, resulting in a 603 series, won for them their Thanksgiving turkey.

Last Friday, November 7, Frank Maruca represented the station at a luncheon at the DAC given by the TB and Health Society as the kickoff for their Christmas Seal campaign.

Speaking of Christmas - and Thanksgiving - are their any special traditions any of you involve yourselves in that would be of interest to the rest of the gang? This could mean certain family events, home decorations, or different recipes for food and drink. Please let your editor know so that we can pass them on.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, November 16, 1969 is "Drug Abuse: An Epidemic" - California Governor Ronald Reagan discusses the growing drug problem as he views it on a nationwide basis.

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