Vol.3 No.42 Nov. 05, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

If your eyesight has not been impaired from watching the tube late night for election results, read on!

Our DJ personal appearance team' of Gary Granger and Tom Neal pleased approximately 250 junior high school students on Thursday, October 30 in a question and answer session at Dickinson Junior High School in Livonia. After meeting with the kids, they met further with some of the teachers, this latter session lasting so long as to make it nip and tuck for Tom to arrive at the studio in time for his show.

Jerry Martin attended a Program Planning Conference On October 25 for Detroit Area Explorers at Schoolcraft College, the purpose of which was to set up events for the coming year like last year's road rally, an Explorers Olympics, and a snowmobile rally.

Visitors to the Station: On Monday, November 3, 1969" Eddie Dunbar, song writer of the current hit "Mind, Body and Soul" recorded by the Flaming Embers; Eddie Holland, song writer and former producer of the Supremes' records,; and on November 4, Janis Pierce, "Miss Torchy" representing the United Foundation.

Mayor Cavanagh issued a challenge to Detroit area newsmen for a game of touch football this past weekend at the Manoogian Mansion. From a 'very reliable source,' we learn that the reason our fearless News Director Phil Nye has had a little trouble walking this week is because he was one of the victims of the 49-0 slaughter administered by the Mayor and his team made up, in part, of very healthy police officers!

On Sunday, November 9, Dan Carlisle will be doing two shows at Jackson state Prison, with Mitch Ryder, The Detroit Wheels, and The Tribe for the entertainment of approximately 6000 inmates.

Paul Cannon spoke to a communications class at Wayne State University on Tuesday, October 4. This was his third year in this activity.

INSIDE KEENER is having an anniversary. Do you know that the first issue of this "fabulous tabloid" came into being on November 8, 1967? (*Webster defines this as a "small newspaper concentrating on sensational and lurid news.)

Leave it to our people to do the unusual. Gary Granger passed out "autographed candy" to his trick-or-treaters on Halloween. These were orange and black wafer candies with the words "Peace Gary Granger" hand written on each one in frosting. Our thanks, also, to Bob Williams for bringing in cider and donuts for the second year in a row.

Anniversaries of KeeNeRites: Mary Keem, November 9, 1955; Mike O'Neill, November 14, 1968; Helen Reakes, November 27, 1953; and Paul Hinchcliff, November 27, 1968.

Mark Allen will be at the Auto Show this year, appearing in the Chevrolet truck and camper exhibit. Part of his activity will involve conversation with or about rare birds -- really! The tie-in is that these birds come from various sections of the country where these campers could be put to good use. No doubt this will create plenty of comments where Mark is concerned like, "Mark is fo! the..o " Certainly, this will be ammunition for Sean Conrad in the 'feud' these two have had going for some time.

Our Halloween "Spooktacular" prompted a number of calls to the switchboard. One woman listener wanted to know where she could buy the records with these spooky stories so that she could play them on an intercom in her backyard for the kids that night. Another woman said Ishe probably wouldn't get a thing done all day' because she was enjoying the stories. And a man called (sounded like he was in an office with a lot of others) congratulating Keener on this different programming.

The American Cancer Society has produced a large, colorful Peter Max anti-smoking poster which WKNR will be giving away this week. Listeners are asked to phone in brief public service announcements on why they quit smoking. Those selected for broadcast will receive the poster.

WKNR, in association with Russ Gibb and Mike Quatro, will present The Rolling Stones at Olympia Stadium, Monday, November 24th at 8:00 P.M.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, November 9, 1969 is "Election 1969 - in Retrospect" - a discussion of the outcome of Tuesday's contests.

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