Vol.3 No.41 Oct.29, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

The KeeNeR family is growing as we announce the arrival of Cristina Marie into the home of salesman Jack Bailey and Mrs. Bailey on Thursday, October 23. And, on the same day, Jack Davidson became an "uncle" for the second time when his daughter presented Master Christopher James to the family. Congratulations from the rest of the KeeNeRites.

On Tuesday, October 28, from 9:00 to 12:00 noon, Paul Cannon spoke to three classes at St. Ambrose High School on radio, advertising, and the media. He said the three classes comprised about 40% of the total student body.

Mark Allen has been invited to be the station's representative at the United Foundation's report luncheon on Thursday, October 30.

No more tickets are available for the upcoming WKNR sponsored Simon and Garfunkel Show.

A number of new promotions are in the works. Two contests are running simUltaneously and listeners who !end in a postcard with their name and address will be eligible to receive tickets for either the opening performance of the Ice Follies of 1970 at Olympia on Thursday, November 13, or the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus opening performance at Cobo Arena on Wednesday, November 12. 25 pairs of tickets will go to the winners of each contest who will be selected from a random drawing.

Those of you who were around at the kickoff of WKNR will remember the Halloween Spooktacular with ghost stories and weird music. Well, we're gonna do it again on Friday with 18 hours of these two things plus "Halloween-type" readings, horoscopes and a dozen other things that represent Halloween. No music -- just wonderful Halloween things.

The Beatle story is still news. After it originally broke on Sunday, October 12, newspapers allover the country picked it up, it ran in Time Magazine, Phil Nye appeared on Channel 50 with a brief account of the story, and Phil also appeared via telephone on dozens of talk radio and television shows across the country. Russ Gibb was interviewed on Detroit's station WJR three times - with our call letters also mentioned. The wire services also covered the story. The one hour documentary produced by John Small, Russ Gibb and Dan Carlisle of WKNR-FM was carried on more than 50 stations.

Russ Gibb flew to London over the weekend to get more facts on the story but at this writing he has not been able to contact Paul McCartney who reportedly is in Glasgow, Scotland and not available for interview.

Debbie Reakes will do volunteer work at Veterans Hospital during the Christmas holiday period.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, November 2, 1969 is "Charter Amendment B: A Hospital's Problem". a discussion of the charter amendment appearing on the Detroit ballot next week designed to improve Detroit's Receiving Hospital.

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