Vol.3 No.40 Oct.22, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Our appeal for news from some of our seldom-seen Keener family bore fruit last week. Mrs. Russ Betz called your editor to report that she and Russ are our newest grandparents, their son's little boy being their first grandchild.

The World Series is now part of history and some of the gang profited by it via participation in the baseball pool. Mr. Patterson was especially lucky, either winning the entire pot or sharing with someone - not once, or twice, but three times! In order to quell any rumors of it being fixed, he brought in several boxes of goodies for the staff - all the things that add unneeded pounds.

Your editor has received a letter from former KeeNeRite Gary Kolasa who is now in Japan, touring the country, visiting some temples and eating sukiyaki. The letter is posted on the bulletin board if you'd like his address to send him a note.

Last Sunday night Sean Conrad MC'd a concert at Fitzgerald High School in Warren to raise funds for the Dawn Tice Memorial Fund. Dawn was a victim of cancer and this concert was a project started by her mother to further research into this deadly disease. Former KeeNeRite Oje Chokreff also helped by obtaining the talent for the show.

Paul Cannon leaves for New Orleans tomorrow to attend the National Convention of ALSAC.

Among other things, WKNR and Russ Gibb make TIME magazine this week re the McCartney story. And then, there are letters like this one you will enjoy:

"I caught the beginning of this on Focus on Friday then saw the story break in the paper. I listened for the last two hours and naturally I'm like everyone else I suppose torn between the possibilities of there having been an accident and that he was injured. However, I was more convinced that it was a gigantic hoax, with lots of macabre symbolism around.. If you have an idea that this is one more below-3D person, I'm sorry to disillusion you but I'm 68 and I'm very interested in the entire modern scene. I think this entire thing has been delightful, really. Everyone loves mysteries, puzzles, conundrums - they were, as you have been - just appealing to the questing child in all of us. Thank you for an eerie, Gothic tale two hours.

(Signed) ." "Eleanor M. Moon."

Bird and small game hunting season opened last Monday and Tom Neal has not only been skeet shooting to sharpen his aim, but also has brought down a few trophies. and he says he cleans and cooks them .

Last Saturday was Sweetest Day and Al Morgan was seen Monday wearing a "Super Lover" button presented to him by his wife.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, October 26, 1969 is a special hour-long show featuring the Austin-Gribbs debate- as Detroit's mayoral candidates appeared before the Economic Club .

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