Vol.3 No.39 Oct.15, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

The staff expresses its sympathy to Mrs. Knorr on the occasion of the death of her brother Tom in Arizona last Friday.

The ALSAC Show last Sunday for the teenagers who marched for Danny Thomas' St. Jude Hospital was a tremendous success. Thousands of the kids attended and were highly appreciative of the entertainment and the appearance of Danny Thomas in person. In fact, it almost turned out to be a "Youth Decency Rally." "Traffic Kathy" was not only there but appeared on stage!

Gary Granger and Tom Neal spoke to approximately 150 ninth grade students of Wilson Junior High School at their Career Day on Tuesday, October 14. Gary reports that when the spokesman for the students called last week to ask if one of our DJ's could speak and was advised that we would be glad to send someone (that we do this all the time), he was so excited he hung up: It seems this boy had tried several other professions and had been turned down because of no time available or the speakers wanted to be paid. He was getting discouraged, and was so overwhelmed when his request was accepted with no fee involved, he couldn't think of anything else to do but hang up. Some time later when he had calmed down, the !bove date was set
Inasmuch as this 'paper' is for all Keenerites, we'd like to get the news from all of you. this means, Jerry Goodwin, George Hunter, Russ Betz, Jim Brooker, Russ Gibb, Paul Hinchcliff, Mike O'Neill, Dave Sarkesian, Chris Ryan. you must have done something that would be of interest to the rest of us who rarely see you. let's hear from you.

A visitor to the station was Gene St. Lawrence, a graduate of Electronics Institute of Technology, on Tuesday, October 14.

Don Wagner is out of the hospital and recovering satisfactorily at home. The Simon and Garfunkel Show to be held on Friday, October 31 at Cobo Hall, is being sponsored by WKNR. Forty front-row tickets have been reserved for station personnel - but they're not freebees - you can purchase them from Frank Maruca.

The rumored death of Beatle Paul McCartney has resulted in a great deal of conversation and kept our switchboard humming with inquiries from those wanting to know 'for sure' or those adding fuel to the fire with 'clues .'

If anyone has mismatched dishes or cooking pans they don't want or need, the Keener Kitchen wants and needs them to replace the utensils donated some time ago which are now in rather sad condition!

Regarding this week's PROJECT DETROIT, which usually occupies this space, here's a note quoted verbatim from our revered News Director:

"Sunday night's Project Detroit will be pre-empted for a two hour FM prepared special report on Beatle Paul McCartney -- is he dead? Is he alive? Is he real? Who cares? Thousands who called WKNR to express their views on alleged hidden clues in Beatle songs and album covers all pointing toward the death of McCartney -- or his death wish -- or the greatest put-on since Mrs. Miller. (Addenda: Mrs. Nye called Mr. Nye yesterday morning to note an amazing and mysterious discovery - in playing "Sugar, Sugar" backwards, it clearly comes out "Ragus, Ragus.")"

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