Vol.3 No.38 Oct.8, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

As a follow-up to a couple of last week items, we hereby advise that Mark Allen can be seen on Channel 4, Tuesday evening, October 14 at 7:30 in connection with the documentary to be shown for the United Foundation fund drive. Representatives of Channel 4 will be here this afternoon to record Mark doing his thing at the station.

On Monday, October 6, Ron Sherwood played host for a tour of the station for 12 youngsters from Dearborn's Sacred Heart School. Eight of these were the winners in the Traffic Safety Poster Contest Judged by Ron, Frank Maruca and Sean Conrad last week.

Jerry Martin and Dick Davis are in Cleveland this week to attend the NAB Directional Antenna Seminar.

Don Wagner got home last week from his Florida jaunt just in time to have a pain diagnosed as appendicitis. He was immediately placed in the hospital and operated on. He's coming along fine now and expects to be home in a day or two.

Harry Walker always advises that he has no news to report when asked for an item for the paper. Well, by keeping our eyes and ears open, we learn that he had a birthday on Monday, and he's also our newest grandfather. Congratulations on both counts, Harry.

Phil Nye has been invited to join the Detroit Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, the professional journalistic society.

Ron Sherwood is branching out in his broadcasting activities. He and J. J. Scott of WTAK expect to have a show of their own on Channel 62 starting possibly in November. It will be a talk show featuring guests currently in the headlines. Look out, Lou Gordon!

Rich Pawlowicz, Keener's one-man Polish Army, was a visitor to the station on Thursday, October 2, during a brief leave.

The Dearborn Chamber of Commerce will be holding its 25th annual dinner on Tuesday, October 14, and Mr. Patterson has been invited to be the toastmaster.

Martin Bufalini recently added to his collection of "antique" cars when he purchased the 1959 Edsel formerly owned by Don Oswalt.

Inasmuch as the Traffic Department doesn't have any windows, Gary Sullivan made one out of cardboard and paper and presented it to Judi Ponds for her birthday a couple weeks ago.

Keener's ALSAC Appreciation Show is being held Sunday, October 12 in Cobo Arena for all those young people who marched for Danny Thomas' St. Jude Hospital. Danny Thomas will be there in person to thank the marchers.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, October 12, 1969 is "The Bookstore Battle" - an analytical review of mounting student tests over book costs at the University of Michigan, featuring students, parents and university officials.

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