Vol.3 No.36 Sept.24, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

The "Walk down Woodward" for ALSAC by Gary Granger is now a splashing success and we can report that Gary survived and by this time is completely dry and warm again. The splashdown took place last Saturday with Gary clad in an old time swimming suit, life preserver, and inner tube. Through an oversight in the preparations, the life line which was supposed to have been attached to him was forgotten and he was rescued some distance downriver by the men of the Harbormaster Patrol who had been alerted ahead of time. Sunday is the big day of the Teen March.

Also on Sunday 40 winners of the FM Can-Am contest will be transported by bus to view the Challenge Cup Auto Races in the Irish Hills. They will also have the opportunity to meet racing driver Stirling Moss.

Visitors to the station: The musical group known as The Frigid Pink on Thursday, September 18.

A Pop Festival was held in Toronto the weekend of September 13 and Gary Sullivan and Don Burns attended. They recorded some of the music and activities while there for possible use on FM. John Small says the recording results were excellent, to which cards and letters on the bulletin board will attest.

After dickering for some time, Salesman Jack Bailey is now the proud owner of a new house in Livonia and is flexing his muscles in preparation for all that weeding, and fertilizing, and cutting, and so on and so on. Your editor knows!

The Michigan Association of Broadcasters convention was held last week and of interest to Keenerites is the fact that Mr. Huse, manager of our Jackson station, was named President of the Michigan Chapter of the Broadcast Pioneers, and Kent Kanaga, manager of our former Battle Creek station, is now on the Board of MAB.

At long last we get some news from Traffic gal Judi Ponds. She starts Thursday at Fordson High School taking instruction in an art class on painting and sketching. and. TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY!

Next Monday Mr. Patterson will be in Battle Creek where he will be addressing the members of that city's Rotary Club.

In his efforts to be up-to-date and ahead of time in the world of FM music, John Small has monthly telephone contact with a music firm in England.

Incidentally, WKNR got the first album in the world of the newest Beatles release of "Abbey Road". The entire album is being aired on FM and selected cuts on AM.

On Friday, October 31, WKNR will be sponsoring a show featuring Simon and Garfunkle at Cobo Hall.

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