Vol.3 No.35 Sept.17, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor
We have a 'wide margin' situation again this week and the trivia is really trivial - please do something exciting!

WKNR is again this year making its broadcast facilities available to all metropolitan schools for announcements regarding emergency closing. Bulletin board posters and code numbers have been issued to all the school districts in the Metropolitan Detroit area.

The folks at ALSAC are very pleased at the response to our public service announcements for volunteers for the March for Leukemia on Sunday, September 28. They report getting 200 calls a day. At that rate, the metropolitan area will be swarming with walking kids on that day. Gary Granger is expected to "splash down" in the Detroit River on Saturday.

Tom Neal's birthday is this coming Monday, September 22, and he's expecting a mad rush in his direction with all kinds of good wishes, hand ,shakes -- and, probably, cake and candles. He suggested celebrating in the control room for a change _ but that will probably be voted down!

Ann Mitchell travels to Franklin, Ohio this weekend to attend the wedding of her niece.
Jerry Martin and family are spending his third week of vacation traveling once more to Michigan's northern area - camping, of course. Bill Hauke is also on vacation - spending the time, we understand, at home repairing his car. For further details regarding the latter, you'll have to contact him.

For you smokers who 'really wish you could quit,' contact Mark Allen for his formula - he gave up the habit on September 25 of last year. Brian Wood is in his second week of the 'fight' and Barbara Williams is 'sneaking puffs!'

Mr. Patterson realized the dream of a lifetime when he recently acquired a Hammond organ.

There was excellent response to the Thorn McAn contest (participants had to get entry blanks at the stores) and the eight winners of Harley Davidson motorcycles have been notified of their good luck.

Another 'after the event' is hereby reported - Dan Seslar advises that he celebrated his FIRST wedding anniversary last September 7tho Belated congratulations from INSIDE KEENER.

Paul Hinchcliff's girl friend makes 'heavy buttons' to promote some special interest of the recipient (see those Tom Neal and Marty Bufalini wear)" She might be persuaded to make one for others who are interested in something a. little different.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, September 21, 1969 is "The Story of Space" - Col. Frank Borman, Astronaut, talks of the space program and its development in the past few years.

Newsman Brian Wood has been on a physical fitness kick for several weeks, even going to the extent of walking to work - from Cherry Hill and Inkster Road area - he says that's about 7 miles. It took him about two hours each way and he says there are 13,000 steps in that distance. We'll take his word for it: After about a week of that, however, he decided that jogging would do more for the waistline, coupled with a low calorie crash diet.

Speaking of physical fitness - just ask Harry Walker to show you his 'no stomach physique' - he's so proud of himself.

The Radio and Television News Directors convention is being held in Detroit this year, and our News Director Phil Nye is attending several of the sessions. Understand that at week's end he hopes to become reacquainted with his wife. JoAnne Nye has had the responsibility of making all the arrangements for the newsmen's wives attending the convention from allover the country. Phil, meet JoAnne, JoAnne, meet Phil!

Ideas for our annual news album are already in process and in this regard clearance has been obtained from NASA to use copies of the original transparencies or three photographs of the moon landing for the proposed design of the album jacket.

Now that the football season is under way in the local high schools, students call in the scores of the games in which their schools have competed. These scores are aired Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons.

No one can say that Keener isn't progressive (or maybe Mr. Patterson just wants to 'let them get it out of their system') but, anyway, Friday any girl who has a pant suit and wants to wear it may do so on that day - no slacks, or trousers, or jeans.

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