Vol.3 No.34 Sept.10, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

KeeNeR's great public service effort of the year is now under way with the promotion and announcements concerning ALSAC. 1000 posters are being distributed now to schools to help enlist volunteers for the September 28th "March for Leukemia," and Gary Granger starts his "walk" down Woodward Avenue this afternoon, each step representing a volunteer, until he lands in the Detroit River! When the annual ALSAC teen march is over, WKNR will sponsor a show, as we have done each year in Cobo Hall, for all the volunteers as a "thank-you" for their efforts. In response to an invitation from Mr. Patterson, it is understood that Danny Thomas will also appear at this show to make a personal "thank you."

A big KeeNeR welcome to Dan Carlisle, our new FM disc jockey in the 12:00 to 6:00 PM slot. Dan comes to us from WABX and has had broad experience in the underground music field. As a side note, he told your editor he is also an author, having had a couple selections of poetry published.

Martin Bell, who formerly held down the 12:00 to 6:00 PM FM slot, suffered a heart attack on August 24 and was advised by the doctor to eliminate some of his work activities. Inasmuch as he is an Episcopal priest, he decided to devote his work effort to that profession. We'll miss him and wish him well.

Ed Busch didn't inform us until 'after the fact' that he had a birthday on August 28 so we couldn't make the announcement. After taking considerable scolding from him, we hereby report this historic event and also advise that he received two unsolicited birthday cakes in "a spontaneous show of affection by his fans!"

Mrs. Knorr has a zillion tickets to sell to aid Northwood Institute and would be pleased to have you rush right in to buy one. They're only $1.00 and you get a chance on a full length natural ranch mink coat, individually styled for the winner. OK, all you Joe Namath fans. this means the fellas can buy a ticket, too!

When we 'interviewed' Tom Neal upon his arrival at KeeNeR, he advised he was a skin diver. He elaborated on that skill by telling us recently that he is a professional skin diver and worked during the summer of 1967 in the safety and rescue coverage for the painters maintaining the Mackinac Bridge. He has also searched underwater wrecks in search of items of interest. He and Dan Seslar should get together and compare notes.

Dick Buller's son Rick returns to Michigan Tech this Friday for his second year of higher education, and Jerry Martin's son Terry returns to Wayne State on the 25th, majoring in Chemistry.

Helen Reakes proudly announced that her daughter-Debbie maintained an "A" average during her Foreign League Studies which took her to Europe for several weeks this summer. Part of this high average covered study to learn the German language.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, September 14, 1969 is "A Message to Teachers" - Detroit School Supt. Dr. Norman Drachler discusses the major problems facing educators in today's secondary schools.

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