Vo1.3 No.33 Sept.3, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Another Labor Day holiday weekend has come and gone and some Keenerites spent the time in distant places. Mary Allan traveled all the way to Cape Coral, Florida to visit her parents, and Carole Wiedeman and family relaxed in East Tawas. From other reports, the rest of the Keener gang attended parties, relaxed in their back yards, or cut grass, sprayed bugs off rose bushes or watered their lawns.

Vince Smith has acquired all the latter items mentioned above since he is now the proud owner of a new home on Outer Drive in Detroit - complete with mortgage.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Huse who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary yesterday.

Mary Keem's dog Maggie is an item in our DID YOU KNOW department - Maggie eats corn on the cob and "cleans it up better than humans" if you hold it for her! And that's pretty good for a pooch that's about 14 years old.

Greg Surma, a part-time engineer, and his cousin entered a 10' x 12' fruit display in the Michigan State Fair competition this year and took second place. Greg was a little disappointed because their efforts garnered first place last year.

Frank Maruca's holiday weekend was marred a little. While in the process of washing his car, he caught his hand on a loose piece of the molding and cut it quite badly.

Keener Anniversaries in September: Don Wagner, September 1, 1953; Mark Allen, September 3, 1968; Martin Bufalini, September II, 1968: and Carole Wiedeman, September 23, 1963.

Barbara Williams gets a Keener Gold Star this week. She's resisted the temptation to smoke for almost three weeks. and has the white knuckles to prove it!

Judy Ponds is on vacation this week, relaxing in and around town.

The class reunion that Jerry Martin attended recently while on vacation in Minnesota turned out pleasantly with the receipt of three 'awards.' He was the one who traveled the greatest distance, had the most youthful appearance, and also won the door prize.

Saturday will be a big event in the life of Mary Desentz when she plays the role of the mother of the bride at her daughter's wedding.

Last Tuesday Mark Allen, in competition with 15 or 20 other local radio and TV announcers, won the chance to do TV commercials for a J. L. Hudson Company promotion.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, September 7, 1969 is "The Plastic Bubble" - concerning the attempts to develop new safety features for today's automobiles.

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