Vol.3 No.31 Aug.20, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Reading this week's issue is like reviewing a travel and medical bulletin combined.
Kathy Diefenbach is on vacation this week, probably recovering from the effects of having two teeth pulled last week.

Carole Wiedeman has been out one week and will probably be absent another week because of an infection. It all came to light after she was accidentally thrown from a raft into what she thought was a few feet of water but which turned out to be two or three feet of suction-type marl which held her fast until she could be pulled out. Manning the switchboard quite efficiently in Carole's absence is Mary Rossiter.

Ann Mitchell is also home with a similar infection and will probably be out several days.

Mary Desentz is on vacation this week and at the same time making preparations for her daughter's wedding in September.

Van Patrick is trying to bring out the 'green-eyed' monster in all the men here. He paraded Miss USA around the station Monday, August 18.

Mrs. Knorr will be "slipping" her geranium plants before long and she'll be very happy to 'slip' some to anyone who would be interested in them. Just give her your order - she has red, pink and white to choose from.

A Citation of Merit was presented to the station on Tuesday, August 19, 1969 by the Wayne County Council on Smoking and Health "for outstanding public service in the promotion of health education."

We herewith welcome a new salesman. He is Jack Bailey who comes to us from WJIM in Lansing, via WAAM in Ann Arbor. He replaces Ron Lipiec, who is an accountant, and who left us August 15 to return to the accounting business with Arthur Anderson Co.

The Michigan State Fair opens this coming Saturday and, as usual, WKNR will be represented. Ron Sherwood, Tom Neal, Mark Allen and Gary Granger will be MC'ing several of the shows.

An enthusiastic (and orderly!) crowd of some 20,000 attended the first rock festival co-sponsored by WKNR and the J.L. Hudson Company last Sunday afternoon at the Oakland Mall. It turned out to be the largest pop festival ever staged in Michigan and was promoted only on WKNR and WKNR-FM. (No newspaper, no nuttin!. just usl)

Two more birthdays were celebrated last Friday _ Mary Desentz, and Van Patrick who advised "that he is 37 and holding!"

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, August 24, 1969 is "Alcoholism: An Illness." Doctor Thomas Plott, Chief Asst. of the National Center on Alcoholism discusses
increasing U. S. problems of drinking.

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