Vol.3 No.30 Aug.13, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

The "I Care About Detroit" show was held last Sunday in Downtown Detroit's Kern block and Keener's Mark Allen MC'd the second half of the show.

It's nice to see our mobile Don Wagner back on the job for a week while Don Niska is on vacation.

Starting August 15, WKNR will start its recruiting announcements for teenagers to participate in the annual ALSAC one day march to collect funds for aiding Leukemia Stricken American Children and Danny Thomas's St . ,Jude's Hospital As you know, this is an exclusive WKNR event and has now become a historically famous public service activity. In the past five years, WKNR and Detroit have led the nation in funds raised with a total of over $700,000. Last year we raised over $160,000 and we expect this year to be even greater: The march this year will be Sunday, September 28.

Last week one of the astronauts, Col. James McDivitt, was in Dearborn at the request of the Ford Motor Company to participate in Ford's teenage driving awards. While here Col McDivitt took a driving test known as the "Golden Steering Wheel," a specially prepared automobile which registers heart beat, respiration, etc. through the wheel while the driver is operating the vehicle. Fletcher Pratt Ford's Director of Highway Safety, contacted our News Director Phil Nye. Together they recorded the radio instructions given to Col McDivitt together with his replies about his recent 'our in space. Phil had retained these space conversations in the news library for use in our News Album. These moon landing instructions were suddenly interspersed with the "earth piloting" instructions to Col McDivitt while he was driving on the freeway to test his reaction. Needless to say, although thoroughly surprised, he came through with flying colors and enjoyed the experience.

Frank Maruca was greeted with the usual singing and birthday cake on his day, last Monday.

Visitors to the station: Three Detroit teenagers, Ruth Walsh, Rita Walsh and Karen Brackett on Tuesday, August 12 - personally guided around the station by Mark Allen.

Last Monday WKNR began a promotion for a four-week contest for Thom McAn in which eight 1970 Harley Davidson motorcycles will be awarded. The winner will be announced short after September 6th from entries received at all Thom MeAn stores.

This coming Sunday is the free concert to be held at the Oakland Mall in Troy - co-sponsorship of WKNR and the J.L. Hudson Company.

Our thanks to Jack Sitta for taking us behind the scenes last Thursday via slides taken at Cape Kennedy during the recent moon shot.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, August 17, 1969 is "Madison Avenue - Today's Advertising" - featuring Dan Seymour, Chairman of the Board of J. Walter Thompson, the world's largest advertising agency.

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