Vol 3 No.29 Aug. 6, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Our FM Reverend, Martin Bell, advises that he has been contracted by Seabury Press of New York to produce a book. Based on a manuscript he submitted some time ago, they very enthusiastically invited him to write the book which he plans at this time to call "Exercises in Imaginal Theology." The manuscript has to be in by February 15 and should be published a year from September.

Don Niska will be on vacation next week, traveling to the Upper Peninsula near Lake Superior and back home through Minnesota.

KeeNeR Anniversaries in August: Jack Sitta, August 1, 1952; Don Niska, August 6, 1960; and Mary Desentz, August 13, 1953.

All of us have thought Ann Mitchell was KeeNeR's greatest baseball fan. Her love of the game is topped this week as we report that Kathy Diefenbach revealed a secret ambition in her younger days to be a major league baseball player:

Carole Wiedeman tried for about four days to give up smoking but after beheading most of us because of the irritability caused by this effort, she decided to give it up and go back to her own sweet, black-lunged self!

Mark Allen will be appearing in one of the J. L. Hudson Company's downtown store windows tomorrow to solicit petitions for the "I Care About Detroit" Day this coming Sunday.

On Sunday, August 17, WKNR will co-sponsor with Hudson's a free concert at their Oakland Mall Shopping Center in Troy, Michigan. Groups expected to appear include Bob Seger, The Savage Grace (no relation to your editor!), The Third Power, and The Sky.

Jack Sitta will be here tomorrow (Thursday, August 7) at 4:00 PM to show the slides he took of the last moon shot.

Have you heard the latest joke craze that's going 'round

My home town was so small that..
.. the main street in town ran right through a car wash!
.. one man's credit was so bad his creditors wouldn't even take his cash!
.. contributed by Jack Davidson.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, August 10, 1969 is a report on the seven murders of young women in Washtenaw County. Last week's scheduled program was delayed so as to up-date it with new information due to rapidly breaking events in the case.

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