Vol. 3 No.28 July 30, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Nothing much to report this week except the comings and goings of KeeNeRites on vacation.

Dick Buller returned this week after a visit to Montreal and Quebec, visiting "Man and His World." From there he traveled through Maine, on to Niagara Falls (or the dry rock bed which used to be the Falls), and then home.

Don Oswalt is vacationing this week, touring Michigan. Jerry Martin will be traveling to Minnesota next week where he will be attending the 35th year reunion of his high school graduating class.

Paul Cannon and his wife will be spending the next two weeks in Oregon 'prospecting fqr gold' on the 100 acre property owned by his father and uncle.

Barbara Williams got the usual 'treatment' from the crowd last Friday when her birthday was celebrated with a huge chocolate cake.

Handyman Bob Williams celebrates his birthday next Saturday. He says it's his 34th. sure it is.

Harry Waiker's vacation at Mullet Lake was spoiled a bit. It was bad enough to have run aground on a sand bar while taking a spin around the lake, but while getting out of the boat to attempt to free it, he slipped, landing against the side of the boat and cracking three ribs. He's back in his usual swingin' style, however, selling away.

Our newest contest - "Keener's Space Odyssey" - which started Thursday, July 24, is going very well. The questions require a knowledge of our space program and the world of the planets and stars. Our listeners are proving to be pretty smart. not only in listening to KeeNeR but their knowledge of the Subject.

The WKNR-sponsored Creedence Clearwater Show was very well received by the 6500 persons in attendance at Olympia last Saturday evening.

Former WKMH station manager John Carroll will be the father of the bride when he marches down the aisle Friday, August 8 with his No. 2 daughter.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, August 3, 1969 is "A Madman on the Loose", a report on the seven murders of young women in Washtenaw County -- what has been done and what can be done to apprehend a killer who leaves little for police to go on.

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