Vol.3 No.27 July 23, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

After a two weeks' 'smashing' trip to England, Scotland and Wales, your editor is back in the fold (and, incidentally, glad to be back) and INSIDE KEENER is again publishing. We took lots of pictures and if any of them turn out, and you're interested in seeing them, we'll bring them in for an exclusive showing.

Other KeeNeRites are either presently on vacation or planning to go. Harry Walker is away this week, spending the time at Mullet Lake, Olga Hauke is presently in Europe after a delayed departure because of an uncooperative engine on the overseas plane which had to be replaced, and Alice Williams will be leaving for Montreal next week.

Frank Maruca's 4th of July holiday weekend visit to Pittsburgh was shortened after two catastrophes. Trouble developed in his car which took some time to correct, and, while visiting his wife's family home, fell off the last step of the stairway in their home and broke his hand.

Mr. Patterson and Paul Cannon had birthdays while the paper was on vacation. We understand a celebration took place for Paul but Mr. Patterson was out of the city for a couple of days and missed all the hoopla that would have descended upon him. Incidentally, Saturday is Barbara Williams' birthday and she's making no secret about it. she's looking for goodies on Friday!

Two members of the KeeNeR 'family' were honored recently. Mr. Huse and Jack Sitta were invited to attend the blastoff of the astronauts recently at Cape Kennedy, Mr. Huse being the guest of NASA and Mr. Sitta attending by invitation of the Whirlpool Company.

Saturday is Jerry Taylor's last day with us. He is going to Ohio where he will be working in the beverage store operated by his mother. His replacement will be Martin BelL

We have a new part-time DJ for our Sunday operation - he is David Strang and, like Martin Bell, is also a minister. Welcome to the KeeNeR group, David.

Visitors to the station: Mr. Cy Pauletich and his two daughters, Dennise and Karletta, on July 1. Mr. Pauletich works evenings for the Taylor Post Office and advised your editor, while we conducted them on a tour of the station, that KeeI!Ris the station they listen to while they work.

WKNR-FM is sponsoring the Creedence Clearwater Revival show at Olympia on Saturday, July 26.

On June 26, the Automobile Club of Michigan sent a notice to all their Detroit area Department Heads and Division Managers which stated:

"Please alert your employees to the following:
All employees who can do so are urged to listen to radio station WKNR, 1310 on the dial at 10 p.m. Sunday, June 29, or WKNR-FM, 100.3 on the dial, at 10 a.m., Sunday, July 6. WKNR has done a half hour documentary showing how our "Bring 'Em Back Alive" Holiday News Service works. This program is not being paid for by Auto Club. It is a public service work of Station WKNR that is a tribute to your club and its good public service".

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