Vol.3 No.26 July 2, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

We have been given the inside information for several months now by Jerry Taylor that his wife was expecting a blessed event but did not want to give a daily account to our readers. We are now pleased to report that they have a new daughter named Kimberly. She arrived this past weekend! In order to recuperate and also to help out at home with their little boy, Jerry is taking a week off for vacation. Congratulations from the KeeNeR Gang.

We have a medical bulletin this week concerning two of our people. Judi Ponds, our Traffic assistant, will be out for at least two weeks of complete rest to combat mononucleosis. Mrs. Knorr is hobbling around these days in the most comfortable shoes she can find while her foot heals from having stepped on a needle. It was not enough that she stepped on it1 she broke it inside her foot and had to have it removed surgically.

Mary and Norm Keem are also campers and just returned from a camping vacation in the same general area where Jerry Martin and his family recently camped. The pleasure of the outing was dampened, however, when a rash of robberies took place in the campgrounds and they lost two of their coolers.

Don and Carole Niska celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on June 26.

Ron Sherwood will be at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri starting July 12 for two weeks of Army Reserve duty. Because he is part of the Information Section, he will have the opportunity of working at the local radio station.

Ann Mitchell and her family start their vacation on Saturday, July 5. This is to be a motor trip touring the southwest United States.

In the hobby department, we have learned that our newest salesman, Dan Seslar, is a scuba diver and skier.

Publication of INSIDE KEENER will be halted for two weeks after this issue while your editor and family vacation in Merry Old England, Scotland and Wales. It is not contemplated that we will be interviewing the Beatles but a visit to Carnaby Street in London may result in the purchase of some Mod clothes by our l2-year-old niece. If you're not doing anything Sunday afternoon, come to the airport and see us off. Northwest flight leaving Metro at 3:45 PM.


PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, July 6, 1969 is "A Child Again" - a program concerning the problems of a hippie dropout from Michigan who becomes a drug addict in New York.

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