Vol.3 No.24 June 18, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Inasmuch as most of the news is the lighthearted variety, we are opening up another department to be known as trivia. For example:

FM DJ Jerry Taylor was stung by a bee recently while driving at 70 miles per hour on his motorcycle.

That bare face hanging out belongs to Paul Cannon; he shaved his mustache Tuesday morning. My, it's good to see the real Paul again!

Helen Reakes is on vacation this week. She's home sewing costumes for another of her daughter's dance recitals.

Barbara Williams installed a swimming pool in their back yard over the weekend and it is now in the process of being filled. Swimming, anyone?

Ann Mitchell picked strawberries Monday night and is now making jelly out of some and freezing the rest. (Maybe she'll fill our brandy snifter with strawberries),

Diane Christie, Michigan Spot Sales' Gal Friday is on vacation this week, spending the time in Caseville.

Jerry Martin is on a camping vacation this week in the area of Traverse City. He hopes to snag a few Coho salmon in Lake Michigan while there.

We have a new salesman on the premises and we hereby say, "Welcome to the gang, Dan Seslar."
The newest blonde addition to the premises is Van Patrick's new secretary, Beverly Robinson. Her nickname has been Toni but because it might conflict with Mrs. Patrick, whose name also is Toni, she may be called Robbie.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, June 22, 1969 is "Crime in the Ghetto" - the state's chief criminal investigator, Vincent Piersante, discusses the continuing crime problem in the urban area.

And now, let's talk about parking, in the rear, that is. Too many of our people are getting their cars dinged. and, unfortunately, by our own people. The sad part of it is that we don't 'fess up to it. We all have insurance, so why keep it a secret? After all, it can happen to you, too. So -- therefore -- consequently -- et al -- to wit: In case you are in a hurry getting out of the parking lot after you've dinged somebody, INSIDE KEENER is providing you with a blank to fill out and stick under the damaged car's windshield wiper. Tear it off now and keep in your glove compartment.

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