Vol.3 No.23 June 11, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Vacations are now in full swing. Dick Buller is away this week, spending part of the time bringing back his son Rick from the Upper Peninsula where he attends college. Dan Henderson is also away this week, traveling to North Carolina.

Mrs. Bill Hauke is contemplating a trip soon to Belgium but we don't have all the details as yet, and Helen Reakes' daughter Debbie will be taking a trip to Europe this summer as soon as the details can be worked out. It will be a vacation/study venture lasting several weeks.

The Gary Granger contest which awarded a trip to Montreal to see Man and His World to a KeeNeR listener was concluded when he announced last Thursday that Connie Davis of Detroit was the winner.

Never let it be said that when our KeeNeR Gang sets its mind to do something that they will let anything alter the course they have laid out. Your editor found this out last Friday. Anticipating the festivities of singing and birthday cake in celebration of my birthday on Sunday by noting smirky-type grins on the faces of several co-workers, the door to my office was closed to prevent any interruption while making the above reservations. When they couldn't get in through the door, the whole gang went into the court, sang loud and clear, and shoved the birthday cake through the window, knocking over the coffee pot that was on the window sill and spilling water allover the floor! In spite of the mess, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. As they say in Hawaiian, "Mahalo."

Mr. Patterson was toastmaster on Thursday evening, June 5th at the 46th Annual President's Party of the Dearborn Rotary Club.

As part of his continuing participation in the cause of Muscular Dystrophy, Paul Cannon, his wife, two daughters and one son "Marched for Muscular Dystrophy" on Tuesday night, June 3.

Gary Kolasa has again written a very nice letter, which is posted on the bulletin board. Read it when you get a minute - and he'd also appreciate hearing from you.

By now all of you have heard that Don Wagner is contemplating going into business for himself and, effective June 16, will be working for us part-time until all the details can be worked out. On the same date Don Niska will become head of the Accounting Department. We'll keep you posted on "Wag's" moves - but in the meantime, congratulations to Don Niska!

Phil Nye was the featured speaker Monday night, June 9 at a meeting of the Southgate Kiwanis club. In appreciation he received a brass replica of their club bell.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, June 15, 1969 is "A First Quarter Report" - Governor Milliken assesses his first three months in office and looks to Michigan's future problems.

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