VoL3, No.22 June 4, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

To start you out in the right frame of mind, we again give you another quote from the KeeNeR Kids Department:

Recently Frank Maruca and son John were painting the garage. Frank left briefly to go in the house. When he returned, John had painted on the garage, "Chew Mail Pouch." If you've ever ridden out in the country, you'll remember where you saw such signs.

Sean Conrad has a contest running on his show which started Monday, June 2. Based on a random drawing from cards sent in by listeners, Sean will be giving away, daily, an RCA record player and 20 of the new Pocket Disc records starting Thursday and continuing for 20 of his shows.

Anniversaries of KeeNeRites in June: John Small, June 10, 1968; "Bob" Williams, June 11, 1968; and Frank Maruca, June 15, 1961.

At a meeting of the Dearborn East Kiwanis Club on Tuesday, May 27, Paul Cannon was again elected a member of the Board of Directors of that organization.

Don't forget to watch our two DJ's who will be part of Channel 56's auction team to raise funds for that educational station. Mark Allen will appear from 7:00 to 8:00 'this evening; and Ron Sherwood's time is 9:00 to 10:00 PM on June 6.

You've heard of the absent-minded professor, haven't you. Well, that term probably applies to Jack Sitta after a wonderful Memorial Day holiday at the 'ranch.' In talking with him. on Tuesday, he advised your editor that he had just discovered he was wearing a 'mixed-matched' blue suit - the coat was from one suit and the trousers were from another!

On Monday, May 12, Mr. Patterson, Frank Maruca and Jerry Martin met with two teachers from Cass Technical High School. The purpose of the meeting was to get our advice and help in the purchase of radio and television equipment for use in the school's performing arts department. They reported in later conversations and by letter that they were extremely impressed with the help and cooperation received from our staff. In addition, Jerry Martin met with them on Tuesday, May 27, at an equipment supply store and aided them in the selection in order to get the most for their money.

WKNR is supplying the equipment and engineering for a fashion show to be presented on Friday, June 6th under the direction of Mrs. Patterson to raise funds for the Henry Ford statue to be placed in front of the Henry Ford Memorial Library.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, June 8, 1969 is "Neurotics Anonymous - The founder of this organization, Grover B." The purpose of the group is based on Alcoholics Anonymous and. concentrates on aiding people suffering from mental and emotional disturbances.

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