Vol.3 No.2l May 28, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Mark Allen doesn't make the paper very often, but when he does, it turns out like this. Last Saturday, May 24, Mark was invited to put together a little entertainment to be part of a fair organized by Frost Elementary School in Warren to raise money for equipment. He reports there was almost a 100% student turnout and an excellent parent representation. These students were most knowledgeable about our stations, telling him all about our music, and they know all the DJ' s , both AM and FM.

Jack Sitta's son Jim was inducted into the service on Monday, May 26.

Two former KeeNeRites dropped in on Monday, May 26, for brief visits. Bob Shaner, who is now in industry, and Steve Allevato who has completed his required military service and is now in the Air National Guard for a period of six years.

On Tuesday, May 20, Sean Conrad spoke to a class of about 50 students at Wolf Junior High School in Warren, at their request, on radio broadcasting, careers in radio, etc. at 8:30 in the morning. (Believe it or not!)

The following is written verbatim from a note left for your editor on the switchboard: From Paul Hinchcliff, our after hours switchboard operator - "For what it's worth dept. I was elected Public Relations Director of WHFC - Henry Ford Community College radio station last week. You can probably build this into something really awful with any luck.1I The report speaks for itself. We think it's great!

Mr. Patterson traveled to Washington Wednesday, May 21, to represent the station at the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Annual Congressional Dinner.

Don Wagner is presently on vacation, traveling around Iowa and Illinois. He is expected back on June 2.

Mary Keem had a birthday on Tuesday, May 27 and she was zapped with our usual KeeNeR greetings. complete with barbershop singing and fattening cake!

KeeNeR Kids Department: Brad Walker recently wanted to verify statements made by his father regarding the fact that we all come from dust and when we die we return to dust. When Harry said that was true, Brad told Harry that "he better look under the bed because somebody was either coming or going!

On Monday, May 26, Paul Cannon spoke to a class at; Beecher Junior High in Hazel Park on all phases of radio.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, June 1, 1969 is "A First Quarter Report" - Governor Milliken assesses his first three months in office and looks to Michigan's future problems. This program was originally scheduled to run on July 4 but was preempted by the more timely topic "Law and Order" for Police Week.

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