Vol.3 No.20 May 21, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

With today's issue, we say "Hi" officially to a new KeeNeRite and "Goodbye" to another. Tom Lamb is about to be taken under Uncle Sam's wing for a couple of years on May 28, and his place will be taken by Gary Sullivan. Welcome, Gary!

Ed Busch would appear to be pulling a "Barbara Collins" on us. We reported last week that he was taking off on a four-day vacation in Fort Lauderdale at the end of the week. Plans were changed and it will be this week now - we think.

The Detroit area educational TV station, Channel 56, is holding a fund raising auction on June 4, 5, 6, and 7 and local area disc jockeys and other well known people will be the auctioneers. Two WKNR DJ's will be there - Mark Allen on Wednesday, June 4 between 7:00 and 8:00 PM, and Ron Sherwood on Friday, June 6 between 9:00 and 10:00 PM.

Visitors to the station: 20 Brownie Scouts from Edison School in Dearborn on Tuesday, May 13.

Paul Cannon attended the fund raising dinner of the Islamic Center of Detroit on Sunday, May 18. Paul tried to make a few brief remarks in Arabic but he must not be up on the language as none of the members appeared to know what he was talking about!

Dan Henderson was the master of ceremonies at the Junior Achievement Show held at Ford Auditorium on Monday night, May 12.

Two more contests are now running on our stations. "Man and His World" will be opening in Montreal on June 12 and two lucky KeeNeR listeners will be awarded a fabulous four-day vacation to this attraction as the prize in the Gary Granger contest which started May 16 and runs thru June 4. On our FM, 25 listeners will be awarded two tickets each to see the motion picture "Otley" and also receive 25 soundtrack LPs from the movie. These winners will be selected in a random drawing made from the postcards sent in by the entrants.

Paul Cannon attended the ALSAC "Inspiration Ball at the Latin Quarter on Tuesday, May 20. Paul did the announcing at this fund sing event which featured Andy Griffith as the master of ceremonies.

The Centurions of Dearborn is a local organization made up of 100 Dearborn businessmen whose primary function is aiding, anonymously, families of policemen and firemen and selected persons caught up in an unexpected financial dilemma. The only membership obligations are an annual financial contribution to the fund and their presence at the annual dinner. This year's dinner is Thursday evening, May 22, at the Dearborn Inn. Mr. Patterson, who was president for years, is Program Chairman this year, and has obtained Detroit's Police Commissioner Johannes Spreen, as the speaker of the evening.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, May 25, 1969 is "The Economic Policies of the Nixon Administration: An Evaluation." Senator .Jacob K. Javits of New York reviews what the new administration has done in the field of economics since the inauguration.

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