Vol.3 No.19 May 14, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Another big day for some has again come and gone. Mother's Day, we mean. We don't know what you gave your mother for Mother's Day, or what you received, but Carole Wiedeman received a lizard! And, we understand Barbara Williams received a stray cat, which she didn't want, which one of her daughters had tried to bring into the house recently as a pet for herself.

We hereby welcome our newest salesman, Ron Lipiec, who joined the ranks on Monday, May 12. He comes to us from Metro Transit Division of Metromedia.

During the week of April 28, Paul Cannon received a full size green door (really!) from the SSS Record Company as a promotion piece for their newest record (you guessed it). "The Green Door."

Just about now John Small must be starting to quake a little in his boots. May 30 is his big day when he says "I DO" to Jo Couchman. They plan to honeymoon in Europe and while there will be interviewing the Beatles. These reports will be sent back by telephone, and other segments will be recorded for future broadcast when he returns.

Sean Conrad's daughters are about to become professionals at the tender ages of 2 and 4. Rhonda, the 4-year-old, registered recently with three agencies to be a model. Robyn, the two-year-old, is about to enter this field, also. Would you believe that each one will now have a Social Security card! Since they are about to become working gals, Sean is thinking of charging them room and board. That should qualify him as the second winner of our Meanest Man of the Week award.

KeeNeR Kongratulations to our handyman Bob Williams and Mrs. Williams who celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary on Monday, May 12.

We've heard a rumor about our youngest grandmother, Mary Desentz. Is it true it's now two grandchildren, Mary? Congratulations. And what about another wedding in the family?

Frank Maruca is attending the United Foundation Awards Luncheon today at Cobo Hall, representing the station and picking up the silver award for our participation.

Paul Cannon will be a Judge tomorrow in a Michigan Week essay contest sponsored by the Dearborn Founders for Dearborn elementary grade school children on projects in the field of local history.

Ed Busch leaves Thursday night for a four-day vacation in Fort Lauderdale.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, May 18, 1969 is "Health-o-Rama" - a discussion of a six-day health program sponsored by the United Foundation and opening in the tri-county area May 22.

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