Vol.3 No.18 May 7, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

The last two weeks have really been the birthday season around KeeNeR. some we knew about and others we didn't know about until they had gone by. Our night switchboard operator was upset with your editor in not announcing his birthday on April 28. well, Marty, we can't announce it if you don't tell us about it. Anyway, hope it was a good one. Also, Gary Granger had a birthday on April 27 and we learn, in 'speaking to him harshly' about not passing on this information, that he had mentioned this event on the air and received four cakes from fans. None of us saw any of them and didn't even get a taste so we'll just have to take his word for it.

Also, in the birthday department, the gang pulled their usual fast one on Alice Williams on Tuesday.

Now that Barbara Collins has left, we have only one Barbara 'to contend with,' but with the arrival of Mary Allan and Don O'Connor, we now have three Mary's and five Don's!

Dick Buller's son Rick is following in his dad's footsteps. Rick has been performing for about a month now as a DJ one night a week and Saturday afternoon on the campus radio of Michigan Tech at Houghton.

Your editor received a very nice letter from former KeeNeRite Gary Kolasa a couple days ago. If you'd like to read it, it's on the bulletin board.

Last Sunday Gary Granger and Tom Neal attended a youth group session at B'nai David in Southfield. Many parents also attended this particular session inasmuch as the appearance of entertainment personalities was a departure from their usual guest speakers. Gary and Tom did such a good job with the questions and answers that they have been invited to return at some future date. They were advised that a plaque would be presented in appreciation of their appearance.

Ed Busch sat in recently for Jerry Taylor on FM and made a brief announcement about the Miles Modern Poetry Committee of Wayne State University sponsoring poetry week, suggesting that manuscripts be sent to the University. Ed was advised by telephone Tuesday that manuscripts came in from allover the state and that this was their biggest contest to date.

Paul Cannon's son Michael, a newsboy, recently won a 'three-day trip to New York City for having achieved the greatest number of new subscribers in a Detroit News contest.

Mr. Patterson congratulates you all on his receiving the following telegram:

448P EST May 6 69 DEA302 New York 6 449P EDT Walter Patterson Knorr Broadcasting Corp 15001 Michigan Ave Dearborn Mich. Congratulations to Keener Radio on its great, magnificent and impressive rating comeback. Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon to personally congratulate you. John Palmer and John Giannetti

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, May 11, 1969 is "The Electoral College - suggestions as to what should be done to change our election system," featuring William G. Gossett of the American Bar Association .

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