Vol.3 No.17 Apr.30, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Last week was National Secretaries Week and Friday was made much brighter when Mrs. Knorr made all the girls "Secretaries" when she presented them with corsages. From all the gals, a big Thank You, Mrs. K.

On this same Subject, hints to the bosses were conspicuously posted in a couple of the offices. Paul Cannon 'interpreted' the request to 'take your secretary to lunch' as 'bring your secretary a lunch,' so he brought Barbara a brown paper bag filled with a peanut butter sandwich and two cookies. Better check the prescription on those contact lenses, Paul!

Carole Wiedeman is eagerly anticipating her last three days of vacation at the end of this week because son Jim is coming home Wednesday on a 10-day leave.

Paul Cannon attended a meeting of the recently organized Newsboys Booster Club on Wednesday, April 23. Paul acted as monitor for the meeting which was attended by representatives of the Michigan Insurance Commission, U. S .o Dept. of Labor, Detroit Police Dept., circulation managers of the News and Free Press, and Reverend Eberhardt.

"Traffic Kathy" Diefenbach was pleasantly surprised last Thursday when the whole gang congregated to give her our usual birthday greetings, complete with a cake decorated with a "Traffic" light.

KeeNeR Anniversaries: Alice Williams, May 4, 1968, Ann Mitchell, May 4, 1957; Paul Cannon, May 11, 1964; Richard Davis, May 16, 1959; Bill Hauke, May 18, 1950; and Russ Gibb, May 25, 1968.

The month of May has been proclaimed "Detroit Cleanup Month" by Mayor Cavanagh, and Saturday, May 3, a big teen rally, with an estimated 15 to 20 thousand teens expected, will be held in Kennedy Square to kick off the campaign. WKNR's Gary Granger, John Small and Russ Gibb will be there as representatives of the station.

Paul Cannon, as a member of the Dearborn Kiwanis Club, met with others at the Wayne County General Hospital on Thursday, April 24, for the purpose of determining needs of the hospital relative to enhancing the appearance of the wards. Paul was also the featured speaker on Tuesday, April 29, at the Detroit Parkside Kiwanis Club - his Subject: "If Advertising Stopped."

Our "Bet: Your Sweet Bippy" contest is taking hold just as we thought it would when we introduced it to our listeners on Monday, April 28. One thing it has proved - lots of people will take a chance to get a portable TV or a rubber duck instead of the sure thing of $2.00 as a contestant.

Sean Conrad organized and MC'd a record hop Friday, April 25, at Divine Child High School to raise funds for the Dorothy Tarnacki Trust Fund. Mrs. Tarnacki, mother of 6 children, requires the use of a kidney machine and the $850 raised by this dance will be used to help defray the expense of this machine.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, May 4, 1969 is "A First Quarter Report" - Governor Milliken assesses his first three months in office and looks to Michigan's future problems.

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