Vol.3 No.15 Apr.16, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

The vacation season is in full swing now, some going and some returning. Carole Wiedeman and Paul Hinchcliff have returned from Florida trips, as has Mrs. Knorr who also vacationed in Arizona" Our handyman, Bob Williams, will be away for two weeks in the Tennessee area so you'll have to make your own coffee.

Following up our 'teaser' announcement of last week, we can now officially advise that the Associated Press has once again honored WKNR with the following news awards:

First Place Award - Best Regularly Scheduled Local Newscast (for the fourth consecutive year)
1 First Place Award - Best Local Spot News Coverage
Special Mention Award - General Excellence of News Presentation (for the fourth consecutive year).

An unexpected award was also presented to WKNR News. This station was selected as the Michigan Associated Press Member of the Year, an award given to the station (radio! television!) which has done the best overall job "In recognition of adherence to the cooperative principles of newsgathering inherent in membership in the Associated Press."

Mr. and Mrs. Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Nye, and Frank Maruca journeyed to Lansing last evening to personally accept the awards. Congratulations, again, News Department on an excellent job.

Last week Paul Cannon attended the first meeting of a newly formed organization to be known as the Newsboys Booster Club, a group of metropolitan area concerned citizens who think that steps should be taken to protect the newsboys. Invitations were sent to many people, including radio stations, and Paul was Detroit radio's only representative.

The sympathies of all of us are with Bob Booth, our Washington attorney, whose mother passed away last Sunday.

KeeNeR will be running a new contest beginning April 17th for Halo Shampoo. Thirteen prizes of a year's supply of Halo Shampoo plus a Polaroid Colorpack camera will be awarded. Contestants send in the ad which appears on the April 17th issue of the Music Guide.

Paul Cannon's wife Gloria is in Providence Hospital this week for minor surgery.

Jerry Taylor is a motorcycle buff and next Sunday he enters his first race in Flint. The race is the "scramble" type, which means up and down hill, soft dirt, etc. - no straight-aways.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, April 20, 1969 is "Governor Milliken Talks Taxes."

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