Vol.3 No. 14 Apr.9, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

We are always most appreciative of the nice things said about us and for those who haven't seen the letters on the bulletin board, you will be interested in these comments from two of our FM listeners: Rev. Ronald V. Gronowski of Plymouth writes us that he was listening to his car radio last Sunday and heard the selection put together by John Small of the three astronauts reading from Genesis with background music from "2001". He requested a tape of this which he said he could use in a classroom situation or even a religion class or Bible Service. Another letter from Dave LaBedz of Southgate requested this also, and complimented the station for having such an imaginative FM staff.

Another letter was not from a listener but from a former employee. Rick Stewart, who left us recently to join his father-in-law in the dry cleaning business, wanted us to know that even though his tenure with Keener had been brief, he felt it was one of the finest places he had ever worked.

Ed Busch, who never gives us much to report, may be in and out of the news as much as he may be in and out of the hospital. Last Thursday he had to make a very hurried trip to Wyandotte General Hospital. It was thought he had a kidney stone. After a couple of days on his back and nothing happening, he left. The condition still exists, however, so this may be a continuing report.

Before long we may have an old car club at Keener. Sean Conrad joins Don Wagner and Martin Bufalini in this hobby after selling his psychedelic' hearse and buying a 1936 Dodge which he is in the process of reconditioning.

On April 21 Jim Brooker joins our News Department handling outside reporting duties. Jim's former employer was CKLW.

Barbara Collins will be on vacation next week, spending the time in Rhode Island with her husband. Of course, if his orders get changed in the meantime; she'll vacation later. at the Government's pleasure!

Stay tuned to this wavelength because next week we'll have some news to report on the Associated Press news awards.

Paul Cannon, a member of the Dearborn East Kiwanis Club, requests that you save all cancelled stamps, attached to envelopes or not, and turn them in to him. He wants to collect as many as he can to give to another member of Kiwanis who will, in turn, give them to leper colonies in all parts of the world to raise needed funds.

In asking our newest DJ's Tom Neal and Gary Granger if they had any news or hobbies to report, Tom advised that he is a skin diver, and Gary said he is a jogger and interested in sports. They admit this isn't much for a first report but Gary said we should give him another week. We'll be counting on you, Gary. After all, the readers are getting pretty sick of our recipes and wide margins!

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, April 13, 1969, is "Senator Edward Kennedy discussing tax reform and the anti-ballistic missile system."

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