Vol.3 No.13 Apr.2, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

This past week was a particularly busy public service week for several of our people: Frank Maruca and Paul Cannon spent hours through Saturday afternoon editing and revising a tape-slide presentation for the Detroit Boys' Club:

Paul worked with Jack Combs of Campbell-Ewald on a national Boy Scout presentation; and Don Oswalt recorded the speech of the Southern Christian Leadership head Ralph Abernathy at the Dearborn Rotary Club and made several copies for interested parties. On Monday, March 31, Mrs. Esther Uhelski was here enlisting the station's help for a special project for ALSAC and the Livonia Youth, Inc.

Vacations are in the thoughts of two of our people - Harry Walker will be away next week, and Carole Wiedeman is leaving Friday morning, motoring to Florida with her family. Part-time Keenerite, Coy, will "sit in" for Carole.

The KeeNeR hand of welcome is herewith outstretched to greet two new DJ's who will be joining us shortly - April 7 Gary Granger (The Lone Granger!) will be taking over the 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM spot. Gary's previous employer was WQXI in Atlanta; and on April 3 Tom Neal will be taking over the al1-nite show from 1:00 AM to 6:00 AM.

Anniversaries of KeeNeRites: Jerry Taylor April 2, 1968; engineer Dave Sarkesian April 6, 1953; newsman Brian Wood April II, 1968 and our fearless leader Mr. Patterson April 14, 1947.

Phil Nye is presently in Carefree, Arizona (no kidding!) seeing a preview of Ford's new car, the Maverick.

Dan Henderson leaves on Thursday afternoon to go to New York for three days to do the narration at the Auto Show.

We may have a budding television star in our midst. Harry Walker reluctantly, modestly (?), reports that his five year old son Brad has been auditioning at Jam Handy to do television commercials.

We haven't had any birthday celebrations around here in some time so maybe it will get you in the mood as we announce that Tom Lamb will be a year older on April 9 and Bill Settles is still having birthdays - his is on April 26.

WKNR is promoting a theatre party on Saturday, April 12 at 10:00 AM.. The movie: "Hannibal Brooks", and listeners may obtain free tickets simply by sending in a postcard
and requesting them.


PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, April 6, 1969 is "The Crisis in Education" which was previously scheduled for March 30. Due to the death of former President Eisenhower, "The Eisenhower Years" was programmed instead.

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