Vol.3 No.11 Mar.19, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

After a very pleasant vacation in the Bahamas, Mr. Patterson is once again in residence and rarin' to go. After several days on Andros Island, he and Mrs. Patterson moved to Jamaica - because it was too cold:

Kathy Diefenbach has been corresponding quite regularly with Rich Pawlowicz. In a letter she received Tuesday, Rich advised that he is graduating from basic training on Friday and if he gets an expected four-day pass, he'll be in to see us this coming Monday.

Frank Maruca and Paul Cannon were among those honored Monday night, March 17, at a Boys' Club banquet. Each received the Frederick Wright award from the Club. "for outstanding service to the Club by individuals". Only 29 Detroiters have received this award.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Rick Stewart, our newest DJ, on March 15. Rick's most recent employer was WCAR; before that he worked at stations in Ohio. Welcome to the gang, Rick.

Barbara Collins will be leaving us on April 15. Her husband, Don, has been anticipating departure to South Carolina, and Puerto Rico, and Viet Nam. His orders have finally and officially come through and he will be stationed in Rhode Island until at least November so she is leaving to be with him until that time.

Visitors to the station: a group of exchange students from Greenville, Alabama who were accompanied by students from their host school in Wyandotte on Wednesday, March 12.
Now that Mr. Patterson is back on the job, Mrs. Knorr is leaving ()n vacation. She departs on Thursday for Arizona, and after several days there visiting her family, she moves on to Florida. She plans to be back home April 12.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, March 23, 1969 is Part II of "The Six Who Died - Good Hart Revisited" the story of the murdered Richard Robison family.

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