Vol.3 No.9 Mar.5,1969 Grace Potts, Editor

As a follow-up on the activities of our personnel, this is to advise that the KeeNeR DJ's kept their 'winning streak' intact - at ZERO - when they participated in a basketball game last Sunday against members of the Detroit Area Sportscasters Association. In spite of their defeat, it was for a good cause and a good time was had by all.

Dan Henderson has been asked to MC the Auto Show exhibit for the Chevrolet Astro III dream car in Chicago and leaves Thursday for a 10-day stay there.

Anniversaries of KeeNeRites: March 7, 1968 Dan Henderson, March 10, 1947 Don Oswalt, March 15, 1955 Jack Davidson, March 17, 1954 Eleanore Krupp, and March 19, 1968 Ed Busch.

WKNR gets many thank-you letters, one of which, received this past week, reads (in part) as follows:

"We, the instructors and the RO'l'C cadets of Southeastern High School "Salute You" and the WKNR radio station for making "The Pledge of Allegiance" by Red Skelton your Keener record of the week. We think that this was one of the finest gestures that a radio station has made in a very long time."

Visitors to the station: Four girls on February 27, three of whom were newly arrived from England who plan to make their home in the area.

The newest KeeNeRite on the premises is Don Burns, Jr., our news cruiser operator. Welcome to the group, Don!

The longest run of contestants in our "Who Sang That" contest - 10 days - ended Monday night on the Mark Allen Show when Phyllis Munsey of Riverview correctly named Bing Crosby as the singer and collected $830.00.

Another medical report - Barbara Williams tried to move some furniture over the week-end and pinched a nerve in her back and couldn't walk, which is why we haven't
seen her for a couple of days .

Frank Maruca and Paul Cannon have been asked by the Exchange Club of Dearborn to represent the station with a program of interest to the members Monday, March 10" It is expected at this time that they will be showing our slide presentation which has made such a hit each time it has been shown.

Mrs. Knorr and I are sending our dollars in to Commissioner Spreen for his "Buck Up Your Police" - How about you.

Paul Cannon has been asked to be a Judge on May 15 in a Michigan Week contest sponsored by the Dearborn Founders for Dearborn elementary grade school children on projects in the field of local history.

PROJECT DETrOIT Subject for Sunday, March 9, 1969 is "Today's Police - A Problem of Attitude". Dr. Robert Mendelson and his initial report on a federal funded study of police-community attitudes.

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