Vol. 3 No.7 Feb. 19, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

With the coming of spring, news is also busting out allover - this is a two'-page edition, as you can see.

Paul Cannon attended a meeting of the Dearborn Founders last Wednesday, February 12, representing Mrs. Knorr.

If anyone needs the help of a hypnotist - contact Sean Conrad in about 10 weeks. By that time he will have received his license to perform such services. His wife is also taking up the science.

Ice Capades tickets will be presented next week to the lucky listeners who send in a postcard on the Ron Sherwood and Dan Henderson shows.

Frank Maruca advises that we have received a request from the Detroit Public Library for 15 of the WKNR News Albums - one for each of their branches. Over 3700 of these historic news department albums, "Detroit-19G8" have been distributed to schools, colleges, libraries and Keener clients.

We have received many thank-you calls from agency people and letters, too, from those who received our valentine-candy greeting - one person thanking us llfor the opportunity of increasing his already 42" waistline.

Robin Seymour, a former KeeNeRite visited the station Tuesday, February 18, and, among other things, advised us that he is now the proud father of a baby boy.

Debbie Mitchell, Ann's daughter, is proudly showing off a certificate she received showing an Honorable Mention position in a Dearborn Heights Police Essay Contest.
The group of winners is expecting to have a picture in the paper along with Mayor Canfield of Dearborn Heights.

Uncle Russ Gibb appeared Sunday, February 16 at the Fairlane Conference Center at a forum - "Generation Gap or Communication Gap" - with Mr. Ray Howe, Executive Dean at Henry Ford Community College: Dr. Barbara Newell, Vice President at the University of Michigan (Student Affairs), Dick Wacker, a sophomore at Ann
Arbor, and Dick Seavitt, Chairman"

Dick Buller was one of three Judges who last week chose the winner of the best short Subject movies taken by the Fair Lane Junior High School Drama Club at their film festival.

Mary Keem is still in one piece after spending a "ski week" at Harbor Springs last week. She reports conditions were excellent"

Now that the new year is well underway, the thoughts are now turning to vacations. Bill Settles is presently doing just that in Florida, and Mr. and Mrs. Patterson are leaving tomorrow for San Andros Island in the Bahamas.

Just last week we reported that Jerry Martin had completed his table and had played his first competition with his son. Mr. Patterson was interested in knowing who won. We learn that Jerry spent his youth in a pool hall so he's a little better than his son: therefore, we refrain from reporting the miserable defeat.

Phil Nye was so overwhelmed and pleased at the turnout for his birthday last year that we're sure he'd like to see you all again this year. His day is March 1st, which falls on a
day, but he'll accept all the good wishes from this date on.

It appears we have stirred up a hassle in the Mitchell family. Ann has reported several items recently in regard to Debbie's activities that now Robin is upset that her name hasn't appeared here. Well, Robin, this is the only way you're gonna get your name in the paper if you don't do something your mother can report!

Don Oswalt is grunting and groaning a little these days as the result of trying to show his sons how to ice skate. Hard ice is great to skate on but quite non-resilient to fall on.

Continuing our medical report, we advise that Jack Sitta is presently nursing a little more than hurt pride. J .o ast Saturday he was riding his Ski-Doo near his summer home in northern Michigan. It hit something and flipped over, pitching him 0 o He landed on the machine and as a result broke two ribs and has several other cracked ones.

Visitors to the Station: 4 students from Michigan State University on Thursday, February 20. They are the operators of the campus radio station WBRS.

Paul Cannon appeared at Edsel Ford High School on Tuesday, February 25 speaking to an "Introduction to Business" class.

When you get a minute, read the letter from former KeeNeRite Gary Kolasa which has been posted on the bulletin board. Gary would like to hear from us, so his address is SR Gary Kolasa, B55 5775, Co. 088, Recruit Training Center, Great Lakes, Ill.60088. Also, Kathy Diefenbach received a letter today from Rich Pawlowicz which she'll share with you.

Mr. Huse, manager of our Jackson station, has been honored by being invited to attend the blast-off of the next Apollo moon shot which takes place February 28th.

On Sunday, March 2, the Keener DJ's will be playing a basketball game, 1 PM, Cobo Hall against members of the Detroit Area Sportscasters Association for that association's scholarship fund. The game will be played before the regularly scheduled Pistons game.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, March 2, 1969 is "Today's Religion: The Modern Approach."

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