Vol.3 No.6 Feb.12, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

This week we are opening up a new department - "The Meanest Man of the Week" award - and the first recipient has to be Jerry Taylor. After unsuccessfully trying to beat Ann Mitchell in a double or nothing contest and ending up by having to pay her off with 12 cokes, he gave her all of them Monday afternoon - all at one time - all opened!

A big KeeNeR welcome is herewith extended to our newest newsman Al Morgan who comes to us from WJIM in Lansing.

Alan Busch was the featured speaker at Benedictine High School Wednesday, February 5 at an assemblage of five schools for their Career Day.

Tuesday afternoon, February 11, Mr. Patterson journeyed to Lansing to attend the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Legislative Dinner and Mid-Winter Convention.

Our Valentine's Day promotion has produced excellent results. 113 lucky listeners will receive boxes of Sanders candy from their Valentine. 248 local ad agency people will also receive their annual Valentine box of candy-greeting from Keener.

The Women's Advertising Club of Detroit held a reception Tuesday afternoon in honor of Mrs. George Romney and Mrs. Knorr acted as one of the hostesses.

In his capacity as First Vice President, Paul Cannon attended a meeting of the Muscular Dystrophy Association on Thursday, February 6 in connection with their annual drive for funds.

Barbara Collins' husband Don is presently home on two weeks' leave after five weeks of basic training in the SeaBees.

It was quite a week-end: Barbara's husband Don came home ill: her mother was rushed to the hospital for a mysterious illness: and Barbara Williams' father-in-law was in a serious automobile accident. It would appear that B&B Productions have had their share!

Mr. Joe Kozo, a top executive in the Boys' Clubs of Detroit, and Gary Kolasa, former KeeNeRite, were hosts to Paul Cannon and Frank Maruca Wednesday, February 5,
the purpose being a personal thank you for all the cooperation extended by the station on behalf of the Club.


Our "Who Sang That" contest is creating as much interest as our "Who Said That" contest which recently concluded. In connection with the new contest, Sean Conrad has taped 30-second spots to be run on Channel 50 - 35 times a week for 5 weeks. These promo spots started yesterday. Ads will also appear in the News and Free Press.

Phil Nye will be in Kalamazoo tomorrow in his capacity as Chairman of the Associated Press Wire Study Committee, and Friday he has been asked to sit at the Speaker's Table at the Adcraft Luncheon where the featured speaker is Mr. Norman Cousins, editor of the Saturday Review.

Jerry Martin has finished his pool table and played his first game on it against his Son Sunday afternoon, February 16. For those interested in the game and knowing how expensive the good tables are, you might be interested in knowing that the whole table and the accessories cost him only $174.00! How does that grab you, sports fans.

That Meanest Man of the Week just won't give up! Jerry Taylor has tried again to win a coke from someone but he lost again to Judy Ponds and Dan Henderson.

Paul Cannon will be the keynote speaker Sunday, February 23, when the ALSAC kick-off luncheon is held at the Sheraton Cadillac to get the wheels in motion for this year's Teenagers March for ALSAC.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, February 23, 1969, is "The Biafra Story" - featuring UPI reporter and former Peace Corps volunteer Dick Hughes who spent two years in Biafra. This is the program originally scheduled for last Sunday which was pre-empted by a more timely local story - "A Community Plea. - How to Fight City Hall" - a report on the Delray area citizens' opposition to the building of a proposed incinerator in their area.

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