Vol.3 No.5 Feb.5, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Not too much has transpired since last week's issue other than to report that your editor is now a full fledged home owner with the attendant responsibilities of snow shoveling and putting out the trash - both of which were done Monday evening.

Last Thursday, while we were in the process of moving, the Keener gang surprised Don Wagner on his birthday. When all the gals disappeared from his department, it was probably pretty obvious to Don that something was about to happen. He had the distinction, however, of having a homemade cake, the excellent work, we understand, of Ann Mitchell's daughter Debbie.

When you have a few minutes, stop and look at the bulletin board in the lobby. We have received many letters already thanking us for the News Album we mailed out the latter part of January and several of them are on display.

Kathy Diefenbach's fiancÚ is on his way to Vietnam - that's the reason she may appear to be a little depressed. She expects him home in October so is looking forward to that month for the wedding.

Barbara Collins is giving up the apartment she and her husband shared before he went into the SeaBees so if anyone is interested in purchasing a washer, dryer or refrigerator, contact her. they're brand new.

Anniversaries in February include Phil Nye, February 8, 1964; Barbara Collins February 15, 1965! Ron Sherwood February 19, 1968, and Sean Conrad February 26, 1968.

A reminder for those who planned to attend the WKNR sponsored "Canned Heat" show at. Masonic Temple - it's Sunday, February 9.

If you're interested in model trains, Frank Maruca will be glad to talk about it with you. He has 13 engines and 62 cars in the basement of his home! He and his son John started with one fully assembled train the first of November and have built everything except this first unit.

John Small announces that his wedding date has been set for May 30, and they plan to honeymoon in London, Paris and Madrid.

The winner of the Keener Bug given away at the Autorama Show which was held the latter part of January was Ernie Ockstact of Ferndale.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, February 9, 1969 is "The Tale of TALUS".

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