Vol.3 No.4 Jan.29, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Nobody has to be told how bad the weather has been. Traffic jams developed in all the usual places and even in some unusual places, one of which was the Keener lounge on Tuesday when the less venturous decided to eat in. It was almost a case of eating in shifts.

With this issue we say hello and farewell to a couple of people. As most of you know by now, newsman Bill Applegate is another who has fallen under the spell of television and leaves us February 7 to join Channel 2. His replacement on February 10 will be Al Morgan who comes to us from WJIM in Lansing.

Our Traffic Department has an added attraction as of Monday, January 27 when Judy Ponds arrived to help Kathy. Some interesting information about her is that she has done some modeling and will soon be attending Henry Ford College to study art. She ha! also done some dancing. Here's a chance for B&B Productions to add a third member, and Barbara Williams and Judy can add a dance routine to the act!

2900 of the new 1968 News Albums were mailed out last week and a lot of fun and camaraderie was enjoyed by all who participated in the giant effort. Mr. Patterson was pleased to note the cooperation and expresses his thanks to one and all, those who were asked to help and those who volunteered. If you haven't taken the time
to hear the album in its entirety, do so. Few, if any, radio stations in the country present such a fine chronicle of !ach year to schools, colleges and customers. Congratulations again to Phil Nye and his boys for a fine job.

Visitors to the station: approximately 20 girl scouts, Troop 1979, from Lindemann, Bennie and St. Francis Cabrini schools on Wednesday, January 22; and 8 radio students from Hope College, Holland, Michigan on Monday, January 27.

How would you all like to wish Don Wagner a Happy Birthday. well, you can because tomorrow is his day. (Blow in his ear and he'll follow you anywhere!)

At long last, moving day has arrived for your editor. into her house, that is. and that takes place tomorrow. Maybe now the thinking will be a little less fuzzy and the bags under the eyes will disappear: (Volunteer help accepted!)

Barbara Collins reports that latest word from her husband is that he will be going to Puerto Rico soon for 5 or 6 months before going to Viet Nam with the SeaBees. That sounds hard to take!

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, February 2, 1969 is "The Detroit Council of Organizations" - what it is and what it does.

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