Vol.3 No.3 Jan.22, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Van Patrick makes the paper this week with an item of interest. Van is involved in so many events in his regular line of work and travels constantly that it had to be something special when he volunteered the following. He will be traveling to New York Friday to receive an award from the American Power Boat Association for the announcer who did the most for power boat racing in 1968.

Now that we're over three weeks into 1969, how many times have you goofed in writing 1968 this year?

Or don't you want to admit it!

Tony Randolph adds this item but it's not the most pleasant to report. Last Saturday night while driving on the freeway, he had to make a rather fast stop to avoid an accident but the driver following him wasn't so alert and Tony's car was crumpled in the rear. Fortunately, no serious injuries were sustained.

Sean Conrad has found a house in which to live and he and his family will be leaving their apartment February 1st.

Every week your editor asks for information to put in the paper and almost every week Jerry Martin advises that he doesn't have anything to report. We learn by the grapevine that he and his son have been involved in a big project at home - they're building a pool table - from scratch - and they've been at it since the first of January!

Another item involving Tony Randolph should be an interesting activity. Tony will be one of the Judges of girls competing at Mercy College February 6 for the title of Snow Queen.

Jerry Martin also appears twice this week as a news feature. When he made the casual remark recently that he would like to meet some of his former scouting pals again for a social get-together, he was talked into 'volunteering' to go with the Down River District Explorer Scouts on their annual winter outing at the D-A scout ranch at Metamora. This volunteering suddenly turned him into being their cook for 78 people!

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, .January 26, 1969 is "A Mutual Problem" -- ten area police chiefs discuss the growing Problems of the crime fight and the limitations of courts.

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