Vol.3 No.2 Jan.15, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Now that the flu season has completed a "successful" run, another season appears to be upon us - at least for those KeeNeRites who have children. Phil Nye reports that his littlest one, Cynthia, (which he affectionately refers to as the "monster"), has come down with the chicken pox.

KeeNeR's newest contest, "Who Said That?" is setting new records and creating great interest. Elmer Brown's bankroll increased by $275.00 Monday when he correctly identified Jesse Owens in the voice contest which ran all weekend.

We hereby officially we become our newest employee Tom Lamb, who is our early morning switchboard operator. Tom joined us Wednesday, January 8. When he's not performing his miscellaneous duties here, he's attending classes at Wayne State, heading for a career in radio and television production.

When Autorama's "Rod and Custom Show" comes to Cobo Hall the latter part of January, WKNR will have an exhibit during the weekend of the 24th, 25th and 26th. As part of this activity, we will be giving away a Volkswagen which will be completely covered with a special process known as "Velv-It-Top". Contestants will be asked to send in postcards to the station or to fill out the entry blanks at the show. The winner will be drawn from all entries.

Another event to look forward to after the Autorama Show will be the l1I<NR-sponsored show at the Masonic Temple when the groups known as "Canned Heat", "The Spirit" and "Brooklyn Bridge" will appear in concert on Sunday, February 9.

To show how desperate we are for news items this week, we want all of you to notice Bob Williams next week. He's getting a new set of choppers and will probably be grinning all over the place;

The station was all a-twitter Tuesday afternoon because of the special visitor to the station. TINY TIM! Your editor has another claim to fame as a result of the visit. she had her picture taken with him, Paul Cannon and John Small.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, January 19, 1969 is "40 years of Public Service - A Look Back". retiring Detroit City Clerk Thomas Leadbetter reviews his 40 years as a city official.

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