Vol.3 No.1 Jan.8, 1969 Grace Potts, Editor

Inasmuch as Christmas and New Year's Day fell on Wednesdays, INSIDE KEENER did not publish for two weeks. We thought we should clear this up so that no one would presume we were on strike. Hope your holidays were exciting and pleasant.

After several Battles With The Bug, successfully waged by KeeNeRites, we're back to normal. We understand that at one time IT took on three of our engineers at one time.

As you all know, WKNR records and sends tapes of our programming to servicemen in Viet Nam, to show his appreciation, one of the returned soldiers who had received one of them, came in December 23 to personally thank Paul Cannon for making it available.

Even though the weather was miserable on the night the DJ's played the Harlem Globetrotters, approximately 10,000 fans showed up. The appearance by the DJ's was to aid the cause of Muscular Dystrophy and a check was received Monday in the amount of $500 from Olympia. Even though the DJ's lost the game, Dave Forster wanted official mention made that it was he who scored the 2 points made by the DJ's!

By this time next week, two of our fellas will be on their way to aid Uncle Sam. Steve Allevato leaves January 12 Lackland Air Force Base, and Rich Pawlowicz leaves January 15 for the Army at Fort Monmouth, N.J. Good luck, guys !

Mrs. Knorr reports that at the Red Wing hockey game she attended on Sunday, January 6, Ed Luteran, our news man at WKHM - Jackson was given the honor of selecting the three outstanding players of the evening.

Monday, December 23 was a big day in the life of your eel when she signed the closing papers for her house, which put her in debt up to the eyeballs like everyone else. Possession will take place between the 1st and 15th of February.

Christmas was made a little merrier for two of our gals. Son Jim Wiedeman came home from California to visit Carole and the rest of the family, and Kathy Diefenbach's fiancÚ had a few days home and, of course, spent them with her.

Don Niska was given a surprise birthday affair in the employee lounge on December 31. His next one will be celebrated Grand Rapids inasmuch as he is leaving WKNR January 20. (He likes the $50.00 football pools they have up there!)

Barbara Collins' holidays were made a little merrier when husband was advised that he did not have to report for the SeaBees right after Christmas. He got a one week reprieve and did not leave until January 3.

Anniversaries in January: Barbara Williams, January 17, 1967! Dick Buller, January, 1947r and Dave Forster, January 29, 1967

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, January 12, 1969 is "Forecast - '69" - featuring representatives of business and industry looking ahead to the economic prospects for the year 1969.

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