Vol.2 No.47 Dec.3, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

It's beginning to look like Christmas and KeeNeR is getting dressed up for the occasion as evidenced by all the lovely decorations in the offices and halls.

Our closed circuit television of our DJs at work is a very popular feature at the Auto Show. During opening weekend, watchers were three and four deep around the monitors.

The WKNR-sponsored Jimi Hendrix Show was also very successful - a sell-out, as a matter of fact.

We herewith extend a KeeNeR welcome to our new switchboard fella - Paul Hinchcliff, who joined us November 27.

Success stories abound in this issue, it seems, as we report that, because of the unprecedented demand for the free tickets we offered our listeners to see "Romeo and Juliet," a second showing is being planned for "the same day, this one being a matinee.

Our popular news album is once again in the works. The covers are now being printed and Frank Maruca has been taking pictures of the newsmen for the back of the album.

Visitors to "the station: 19 Cub scouts, Pack 1123, Dens 1 and 2, from the Littlefield Presbyterian Church, Wednesday, November 27; Bobby Vee, the recording artist was here on the same day; and one of our former DJs, Bill Phillips, stopped in to say hello while on vacation from his DJ job in Cincinnati.

December 9 has been designated as Supremes-Temptations Day on WKNR. Both groups have cut nine special voice tracks to be used on the air, the purpose of which is to promote their new sound track album that is part of their TV show known as "TCB" - (Taking Care of Business).

Our hospital report for this week consists of only one - the flu bug has stomped hard on Jack Davidson, keeping him out for a couple of days.

We need items for this week's paper so we herewith give the advance news that Rich Pawlowicz will be leaving us January 15. He has enlisted in the Army and will be going to Fort Monmouth, New Jersey where he will enter classes in tactical microwave radio.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, December 8, 1968 is "Auto Repairs: Are we being gouged?" Senator Philip Hart discusses his current Senate investigation into the high price of auto repair work.

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