Vol.2 No.46 Nov.27, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

It's Turkey Time again and some KeeNeRites will be spending the day or the weekend in places other than their home town.

Jack Sitta will be "at the ranch", his hideaway lodge in northern Michigan; Don Wagner left Tuesday night to journey to Peoria for the holiday and also to visit his mother who is in the hospital; and Kathy Diefenbach will be motoring to Rhode Island with relatives to visit her fiance.

Tony Randolph is a coho fisherman and last Sunday on his day off he caught his limit of three out of the Manistee River. There were some observers to his activity (and he swears this is true) - five deer were watching just off shore - and he says he's not a deer hunter and didn't have a gun!

Our condolences to Jerry Taylor whose father passed away the weekend of November 16.

For those who haven't seen it, or have seen it and wondered what it is - that metal contraption which is cluttering up our patio is the microwave equipment required for our closed circuit programming of our DJs in action at the Auto Show starting on the 30th.

Our hospital report continues for the third week and this time it's Dick Buller who has been out all, week with a. sore throat, laryngitis and 1000 temperature.

Anniversaries will be observed by two of our people in December. Jerry Martin, December 1, 1946, and Kathy Diefenbach, December 7, 1967.

Frank Maruca attended a "Truth in Advertising" luncheon Wednesday, November 20 as a representative of WKNR. This was a meeting of all advertising media regarding self-regulation for truth in advertising and all media signed a pledge to comply.

If you're planning to attend the Jimi Hendrix Experience show sponsored by WKNR - this is the reminder that it's Saturday night, November 30.

INSIDE KEENER learns that Bob Shaner will be leaving us December 1 to join Link-Weld Corporation as an apprentice electrical engineer.

WKNR will be sponsoring another show December 17. This time it's "Romeo and Juliet." It's to be a Detroit premiere theatre party at the Studio 8 theatre and listeners who would like to attend will be invited to send in their names to receive free tickets to the performance.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, December I, 1968 is "The Crisis in the Communist World" - Harrison Salisbury, Assistant Managing Editor of the New York Times and the first American newsman to report the Vietnam war from the north.

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