Vol.2 No.45 Nov.20, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Would you believe, INSIDE KEENER had an anniversary and it slipped by without our noticing it? Issue No. 1 was published November 8, 1967! How time flies.

Speaking of birthdays, get out the cake and candles for two KeeNeRites who will be celebrating on November 25 - Jack Davidson and Ann Mitchell.

Continuing our hospital report of last week, we had another limper on the scene after Barbara Collins fell down the stairs of her home on Thursday, November 14, and Mrs. Knorr has been at home a couple of days battling a rebellious throat.

Dan Henderson was advised Monday, November 18, that he has been selected to do the narration (recorded) for the Chrysler exhibit at the Auto Show coming up later this month. Don't forget to look in on our exhibit while you're there where you'll see, on a variety of 25" screens, our DJs do their regular shows from our studio via closed circuit television.

Phil Nye is out of town this week attending the Radio and Televiz40n News Directors Association Convention in Los Angeles.

Reminder: Please get your attendance and gift forms back to me as quickly as possible for the Christmas Party so that preparations can be completed.

Visitors to the station: 20 communications students from Waterford Kettering High School on November 13.

For over a year your editor has been looking for a house to buy. Miles of driving have taken place, three or four real estate companies have been worn to a nub trying to find just the right one, and the ears of several co-workers have been bent describing the latest possibility or rejection. All of this has now come to a sudden stop when we were advised last Thursday night that an offer made had been accepted. It is expected that all will go well and that we will be in it sometime after the first of the year. Some kind of open house will be planned, inexpensive, of course, and you'll be invited. It has a fireplace. so bring wood! (This does not mean a mountain of the stuff on the front lawn, please!)
They say every man has to get at least one mustache out of his system. Ron Sherwood is trying, but if you think his efforts are suddenly very outstanding, look again - the brush he's sporting is a portable one until his is in full bloom.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, November 24, 1968 is "Retardation: Triumph from Tragedy" - the story of mental retardation -- what's being done to combat the problem. Features the mother of a retardate - a clinical psychiatrist.

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