Vol.2 No.44 Nov.13, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Paul Cannon reports that the ALSAC appreciation show for the teenage marchers was a huge success - even without the appearance of Danny Thomas who had to call it off because of an unexpected illness. Approximately 8000 were in attendance to enjoy the 12 acts which performed, which included Neil Diamond, Bob Seger and the Parliaments.

Paul received a letter from one of the teenagers in attendance which read, in part, "After seeing the ALSAC show today, I know it has to be one of the greatest shows Detroit has ever had."

The next couple of items will make this 'newspaper' seem more like a hospital report. John Small pulled a leg muscle and has been limping around. Mr. Patterson's exercising over the weekend backfired on him and gave him a charley horse. that's the reason for his unusual walk this week. and a couple of others have been battling colds and the flu.

Sean Conrad's 2-year old daughter Robyn gave them a scare a couple of weeks ago and they had to rush her to the hospital. They couldn't understand why her knees were buckling under her and she couldn't stand up. Their fear was that it might be a blood clot on the brain. It turns out that she had swallowed five of her mother's nerve pills. She's OK now.

Ed Busch spoke before the drama club of Benedictine High School last Friday on the Subject of careers in broadcasting.

We understand former KeeNeRite Gary Kolasa has enlisted in the Navy, leaving about February.

Just to get you in the spirit of Christmas (before Thanksgiving:), this is advance notice to all that the KeeNeR Christmas party will be held again this year at the Dearborn Inn - Sunday afternoon, December 15. so now is the time to go around and count all your kids so that when we pass around the official notice and form to be returned, you can fill it out and return it quickly.

WKNR is sponsoring another show - this time it's the Jimi Hendrix Experience which will take place Saturday, November 30, 8:30 PM, at Cobo Hall.

This past week the station acquired a mascot, (through the sympathy of an 'unknown' employee). It was a very appreciative cat, lapping up all the goodies the employees handed out. Because it seemed like such a nice animal, a brief announcement was made on the air that anyone who would like it could have it. Within a very few minutes, a 14-year old girl said she would like it and came to retrieve it Tuesday afternoon.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, November 17, 1968 is "Masada and Other Art Treasures" - a report on the Detroit Art Institute and historic exhibitions.

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