Vol. 2, No.43 Nov.5, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Inasmuch as all of you were up late last night anxiously awaiting the outcome of the election, your eyesight is probably a little bleary today so we're not going to tax your eyes with a lot of news to read. (That's one way of saying we don't have much to report this week).

Before she tells it allover the place and makes it unnecessary to announce it in the paper, we hereby tell everybody that Kathy Diefenbach (Bell) is engaged, as of last Saturday. He is her high school sweetheart and was home on leave from the SeaBees. Don't expect an invitation to the wedding for at least two years - he won't be out of the service for that long.

One of the nice things about working here is the little surprises that occasionally pop up. Bob Williams did it on Halloween when, out of the goodness of his heart, he brought in cider and donuts for the whole gang. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated, Bob.

Visitors to the station: 18 communications students from Waterford High School on Wednesday, October 30! and the recording artist known as The Legendary Star Dust Cowboy on the same day.

Friday, November 1, Paul Cannon went to the DAC at the invitation of Malcolm Denise, Publicity Chairman for the Tuberculosis Society, as a representative from the station at the kick-off luncheon for their annual campaign.

Tuesday was Barbara Collins t first time at voting and it was such a thrill to her that she was walking on clouds all day:

This coming Sunday is the WKNR-sponsored show for all the teenagers who participated in the ALSAC drive and Danny Thomas will be on hand to MC the proceedings. Mr. Patterson, Frank Maruca and Paul Cannon must arise at the crack of dawn Sunday morning to meet Danny when he arrives at 8:45.

Does anyone have a bicycle clip you could give to Bill Settles? He needs one to prevent his knickers from getting caught in the bike when he's out on his physical fitness activity.

Next week our sister station, WKHM at Jackson, will be moving into its new building. Jerry Martin is proud to report that the new transmitter is already installed and operating.

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