Vol.2 No.42 Oct.30, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Paul Cannon's trip to Las Vegas as a representative to the ALSAC convention was not only interesting but productive as well. monetarily, that is. As everyone knows, there is hardly a spot in that city that doesn't have some kind of gambling equipment eagerly waiting to gobble up your money. It didn't gobble much belonging to Mrs. Cannon. She invested a nickel in a slot machine and came away with the super-duper jackpot of $71.34: Paul and Mrs. Cannon went to church on Sunday morning and as part of the welcoming talk to visitors, the priest advised that the church was not wealthy and that they would accept any and all contributions from small change to, yes, even casino chips. Paul also met with Danny Thomas and outlined the program being arranged for the teenagers who participated in the ALSAC march in September.

More books have arrived for the KeeNeR library and you are invited to peruse them.
Alice Williams is on vacation this week. Part of the time will be spent in Montreal where she will be meeting her parents who will be returning during this time from a vacation in Europe.

We are sorry to report that we are losing one of our salesmen. Doug Christie will try his hand at selling television time on Channel 9 after the 31st.

Visitor to the station: Gene Pitney, the recording artist, last week.

Anniversary dates of KeeNeRites: Mary Keem, November 9, 19551 Mike O'Neill, November 14, 1966 and Helen Reakes, November 27, 1953.

Frank Maruca and family will be on vacation Thursday and Friday, journeying to Dallas.
The big political rally with Pat Paulsen is at Olympia tonight and Phil Nye will be introducing him to his supporters.

WKNR will have an interesting exhibit at the Auto Show the latter part of November. Closed circuit TV is being installed in Studio A which will be hooked up to four monitors in our area at the show so you'll be able to see our DJs in action.

Our newest DJ, Tony Randolph, made his debut today in the morning slot recently vacated by J. Mike Wilson.

Send 'em sealed. send 'em open. or send 'em blank. but please get your United Fund cards in to me no later than this Friday. (Thanks - Grace).

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, November 3, 1968 is "Your Vote and the Electoral College" - the electoral college: what it is, how it works, what it can do, featuring Dr. Theodore B. Fleming, Wayne State University professor of political science.

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