Vol.2 No.41 Oct.23, 1968 Grace Potts, Editor

Kimberly Ann wouldn't cooperate in time for our last issue so we're almost a week late in making the announcement that Mike O'Neill's wife !resented him with daughter #2 last Thursday morning. Congratulations to mother and daughter from the KeeNeR Gang.

The physical fitness bug has bitten Harry Walker and for the past three weeks he has been jogging with a neighbor before coming to work. He's now 172 pounds of solid dynamite, to quote a member of the Sales office.

Sunday, October 20, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cannon were asked to attend the fund raising dinner held at the Islamic Center of Detroit. Paul made a few remarks regarding our carrying their Sunday morning program. This was the second year he has attended this function.

Bill Settles is leaving tonight after work for a four-day expedition into the north country, near Muskegon, stalking deer with bow and arrow. He has been doing this for 10 years but that's all he'll say about it because his luck hasn't been anything to write about.

Phil Nye attended the Michigan Associated Press Wire Study Committee meeting in Cadillac last Thursday, the purpose of which was to review election plans for the sta.tions on the AP Wire Service in Michigan.

Next Wednesday night, October 30, WKNR will be presenting Pat Paulsen with the First Edition in a giant political rally at Olympia. The "Paulsen For President" campaign obviously is confounding the polls (and the Irish, and the Germans, and the Swedes) with that sock-it-to-' em slogan: "WE CANNOT STAND PAT."

The national ALSAC convention will be held in Las Vegas Thursday, October 24, and Paul Cannon, as chairman of the Teenagers March for Metropolitan Detroit, will be attending.

Your editor's only claim to fame came late last week. Mr. Patterson was out of the office for a brief time so DANNY THOMAS asked to talk to his secretary - me! Mr. Patterson had written to him requesting his presence at the ALSAC Show being presented by WKNR for all the teenagers who took part in the ALSAC March. We had a delightful conversation for several minutes and he agreed to MC the show. My. what powers of persuasion I must have!

A Communications Conference of the Americas will be held at Fair Lane in Dearborn on Saturday, October 26 and representing the station will be Mrs. Knorr, Mr. and Mrs. Patterson, Phil Nye and Harry Walker. The purpose of this conference is to bring about communication between people who do similar jobs in different countries, this group being from Latin America, Canada and the United States. Mr. Jerry McMechan, head of corporate advertising of the Ford Motor Company, is the speaker.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, October 27, 1968 is "Issues 3 and 4" - a discussion of 2 statewide issues appearing on the November ballot concerning clean water and recreational facilities, featuring Governor Romney and other state officials.

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