Vol.2 No.40 Oct.16, l968 Grace Potts, Editor

Now that the furor over the World Series has died down, we can all get back to a more normal routine .. at least most of us can. The memory lingers on quite vividly for Ann Mitchell, however, who cherishes a personally autographed baseball schedule by none other than Mickey Lolich. It's on view for all to see like shrine above her desk! She'll let you look at it but don't touch it! Also, Wanda Jarvis might bring in the picture your editor took of her and Mickey Lolich when he visited the station a few weeks ago and let you drool over it! Al Koski got an exclusive interview with several of the players when he sneaked aboard their bus at the airport. The bus driver was about to put him off until Al interviewed him, too, and that made everything all right.

We have a new DJ entering the fold on October 28. He is Tony Randolph who will be filling the time slot recently vacated by J. Mike Wilson.

Paul Cannon attended a meeting of the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Southeast Michigan Tuesday, October 15 in his capacity as First Vice President of that organization.

A new contest started this week known as "Gridiron Gold" which uses the names of the football teams of some 200 Metropolitan Detroit area high schools.

Our News Room is pretty skimpy with their items for this paper, and Brian Wood has never contributed. that is, until today. He wants everyone to know he's having a birthday tomorrow.

Wanda Jarvis's son Bernie has completed his military service and was discharged the middle of September after three years and three trips to Viet Nam and the Far East. As the result of his being entertained by a New Zealand family during his last trip, Wanda now has a Pen Pal, corresponding and exchanging miscellaneous items with them.

Mark Allen will be making a personal appearance on Sunday and MC'ing a show as part of the Halloween! costume party being held by the Grace Lutheran Church of Redford.

PROJECT DETROIT Subject for Sunday, October 20, 1968 is "The Council Candidates" - a special hour long Project Detroit, featuring the four candidates for Detroit's Common Council.

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